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Departmental Functional Overview

Program Areas
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Secretary Dr Allan Hawke (06) 274 7573 Fax (06) 247 4736
The Executive provides strategic leadership and effective management to the department. Members of the Executive play a key role in management issues and in guiding the corporate direction for the department. Additionally the executive members serve on a number of boards and committees outside the department.

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First Assistant Secretary Peter Harris (06) 274 7910 Fax (06) 274 7804
Aviation Policy advises on international aviation issues: regulates international airlines operations; and manages Australia's participation in the work of the international Civil Aviation Organisation. It also manages the continuing relationship between the Government and Australia’s airlines, (including Qantas and Ansett); contributes to the restructuring of the aviation safety organisations - Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority - and publishes Australia’s international and domestic air-service statistics. The Division is also developing the regulatory regime for Federal airports after leasing.

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First Assistant Secretary Paul Merner (06) 274 7086 Fax (06) 274 7850
Aviation Operations covers noise and other aviation environment issues, the location and development of the second major airport for Sydney and the development and administration of aviation security regulatory requirements.

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Director Robert Lee (06) 274 6431 Fax (06) 274 6474
Responsible for investigating accidents and incidents involving civil aircraft operations in Australia. BASI is a discrete agency within the department.

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Director Stephen Hunter (06) 274 6801 Fax (06) 274 6816
The Bureau of Transport and Communications Economics undertakes applied economics research relevant to the Australian Government portfolios of the Department of Transport and Regional Development, and the Department of Communications and the Arts.

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First Assistant Secretary Peter Makeham(06) 274 7447 Fax (06) 274 7922
Responsible for developing measures to reduce the incidence and severity of road crashes through a focus on the human, vehicle and road environment aspects. It researches the causes of road crashes and develops standards, policies and road safety public education programs to improve the safety of road users. It sets uniform national vehicle safety, emissions and noise standards for all vehicles entering the Australian market for the first time.
The Federal Office of Road Safety is also responsible for progressing national road transport reform objectives through support to the National Road Transport Commission process.

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First Assistant Secretary Bruce Gemmell (06) 274 7651 Fax (06) 274 7819
Land Transport Policy provides policy advice to the Minister on road transport, rail and roads with the objective of promoting competitive and reliable road and rail services operating under nationally consistent regulatory and safety regimes. It is responsible for the National Highway program, the National Rail Corporation and the Australian National Railways Commission.

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First Assistant Secretary Kym Bills (06) 274 7663 Fax (06) 274 7744
Maritime develops policy advice in relation to international and domestic shipping, shore-based shipping services, the operations of ANL Ltd and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and the implementation of seafarers rehabilitation and compensation arrangements and the development of maritime industry occupational health and safety arrangements. It also administers regulatory regimes for international liner and coastal shipping, and financial assistance programs for Australian Shipping and Bass Strait Shippers.

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Executive Director Danny Scorpecci (06) 267 1100 (06) 267 1111
The International Air Services Commission is an independent statutory authority, responsible to the Minister for Transport and Regional Development, which allocates scheduled international air route capacity to Australian carriers on public benefit grounds. The Commission works with wide ranging public benefit criteria issued by the Minister.

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First Assistant Secretary Bill Ellis (06) 274 7657 Fax (06) 274 6053
Corporate Management provides a range of support and advisory services essential to the Department’s ability to deliver its program responsibilities and to ensure accountability and equity requirements are upheld. Corporate Management has a key role in providing well-coordinated, quality advice to the Minister, Parliamentary Secretary and Executive of the Department.

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Regional Affairs Unit Simon Murnane (06) 274 6274 Fax (06) 274 6816
On Wednesday 17 July 1996, the Minister for Transport and Regional Development, the Hon John Sharp MP, announced that the Government had decided to discontinue further commitments to the urban and regional development programs administered by Regional Development. The Regional Development sub-program in the Department will be wound down.

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