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new this week

colorsAbet your Aural Pleasure with RealAudio 3.0. Follow the sequel to How I Lost My Sponsors. Work through Dr Web's Tricks & Solutions. Or play Color My Web. More info.

media culture

ad_graveyardadvertising graveyard     UPDATED!
Pick out the gold pencils among the tombstones. And add your dead to the Crypt.

mr jenkins's last martini     UPDATED!
First Dean Martin, now this. Enter the web's first alcoholic haiku contest.

lawrence welk, post-modernist
Discover the sublime genius of TV's first pop surrealist. Now with Welk Mailbox!

steal these graphics!

pardon my icons     UPDATED!
Icons, tootsi-frootsi icons! Get your icons here.
Fun! Free! Like nothing you've seen before.

disturbing patterns     UPDATED!
Twisted textures for your desktop or web site. Subvert your space.

icon help     UPDATED!
New hope for sticky GUI's and other random acts of cyber-kindness.


ask doctor web     UPDATED!
Pages and pages of tips! On HTML ... graphics ... multimedia ... content & more.

dr web's q&a     UPDATED!
Your questions answered.

tricks & solutions     NEW!
Dr Web shares his most intimate secrets ... of web site design.

how i lost my sponsors     NEW!
A tale of censorship for dollars.

webtools     UPDATED!
Web authoring tools, software and search engines. A nutritious part of the new Exit Gallery.

eye candy

lookbut.gif (2534bytes)gif animation gallery
Not your father's gif animations. A gallery of mini-movies. Plunge into the endless summer.

joanart of joan
Embrace the darkness of this great nyc painter.

adult page
Count the bodies.

modems working overtime

celeb salonceleb salon     NEW!
Quicktime interviews with movie stars. Fill up your hard drive.

tvfish wrap & fridge breaks
Watch quicktime movies in the gallery.

drums, solo     UPDATED!
Polyrhythmic forays that make Stravinski sound like the Archies. Hear what you've been missing.

aural pleasure     UPDATED!
You can dance to it, and with RealAudio 3.0, your modem won't mind. Savor these soundtracks.


The author as young dog. Read it and weep.

anything for money
The author as old dog. Peruse his mighty works.

bat outta html     OLD!
Study the design secrets of 1995's most popular movie-themed site.

steal these graphics     UPDATED!
A constantly updated compendium of web pages sporting our graphics. Surf away.

texttext bytes
Quotations from significant others. If you're reading this blurb, you know who you are.

snd     hear the exciting home page theme!
    59K aiff or 66K wav


the way out     NEW!
Where you go from here. And on your way out, don't forget to sign the . . .

guest_whoguest book     UPDATED!
Marvel at hundreds of visitor comments and add your own.

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