Lords of the Realm 2
Win95 CD, $54.95
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"...the best of two worlds, adding the real time combat model of a 'Warcraft II' to the turn-based strategy of a 'Civilization'."
     - PC Gamer

This sequel to the immensely popular Lords of the Realm propels players into epic conflicts and the intrepid life of thirteenth century England. Life was harsh then, peace was rare and combat was brutal.

On your way to becoming King you'll build weapons, construct castles, and raise armies to conquer thy neighboring realms before they conquer you. Defeat them all and the throne of England is yours!


Designed from the beginning with multiplayer in mind, Lords 2 supports up to 4 players over an (IPX) Network, or 2 players Head to Head via modem.

Fully animated real time battles and sieges using authentic units and weaponry.

Beautiful SVGA graphics with 3D rendered landscapes that change with seasons, and over 1000 frames of medieval unit and weaponry animation.

Professional Voice actors from Britain's own BBC.

Incredible replayability with many unique country maps, including England, France, Germany, Italy, over 30 unique battle maps and a custom setup option that lets you create your ideal game: short with plenty of fighting (perfect for multiplayer games), or longer with more kingdom management for a more flowing game.


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