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The Diamond EDGE® 3D is the first integrated 3D multimedia accelerator to combine the essential ingredients for a great interactive multimedia experience into one easy-to-use, plug and play package running under Windows 95. It features accelerated 3D graphics, 2D graphics and digital video playback, plus Wavetable audio, a high precision digital game port and two Sega Saturn video game ports. This combination of features represents a revolution for the PC as an interactive multimedia platform enabling totally- realistic, fully-immersive, fast-action game play.

The Diamond EDGE® 3D is optimized for Windows 95 performance at 1024x768 resolution in true color and high color modes. Windows 95 needs added graphics horsepower to support business productivity as well as entertainment applications with Long File names, Plug and Play, DDC, and Application Shortcuts. The Diamond EDGE® 3D provides that horsepower for demanding applications, both business and entertainment-oriented.

The Diamond EDGE® 3D supports currently the following Direct X driver Microsoft envisioned for Windows 95:

  • DirectDraw for accelerated 2D graphics
  • DirectVideo for better Video acceleration
  • DirectSound for enhanced audio control
  • DirectInput for improved joystick response


Professional CAD/CAM

3D Graphics

  • Real-time, photo-realistic 3D graphics for realism and interactivity.
  • Rendering performance up to 10 million texels per second
  • Scalable, perspective corrected texture-mapping
  • Video texturing of 3D objects
  • Diffused and specular lighting
  • Gouraud and Phong effects
  • Alpha blending for fog, translucency, reflections
  • Double buffering for smooth animation
2D Graphics
  • True-color 2D graphics at high resolutions for Windows® 95.
  • 16-Bit wavetable audio for state-of-the-art digital stereo sound.
  • Includes Diamond Media Rack audio applications program.
  • MPU-401 Compatible
Digital Video
  • Full-motion digital video playback
  • Software MPEG playback
Game Ports
Two SEGA Saturn Control Pad Ports
  • Enables multi-player gaming
  • Play SEGA PC games using genuine Sega Saturn peripherals
Enhanced Digital Game Port
  • Provides precise joystick control while releasing CPU resources


Memory SizeMemory TypeBus Type
2 or 4MBVRAMPCI v2.1

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