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Best Internet Introduces Low-Cost, High Performance Stand-Alone Web Hosting Service for Small Businesses and Consumers


Juiy 10, 1996 -- Mountain View, CA -- Best Internet Communications, a leading provider of business Internet services and the world's leading host of Web Sites, today announced a cost-effective, stand-alone Web Site hosting service. Priced at $20 per month for 25MB of Web and FTP site storage, the new service is designed to complement user's existing dial-up Internet access service. Unlike other Web hosting services, Best offer's complete registration a custom domain name so that user's can gain direct access to the Web Site while using the company's own domain name address, such as or

The Best Web Hosting Service delivers a high-performance Web Site service through the company's state-of-the-art Internet operations center. Users benefit from high-speed, multi-processor Silicon Graphics super computer server technology; multiple, redundant high-speed T3 links directly to the Internet backbone; and Best's own optimized HTTP/D server software with WWWDirect(tm) and FTPDirect(tm) domain naming service. In addition, the Best Web Hosting Service supports such sophisticated Web features as full CGI scripting capability, password and access control, order entry and visitor registration forms, and Web Site log files for activity monitoring. Best also offers a complete Web Site design and maintenance service as an option. Users can easily access and maintain their Web Sites through any Internet connection worldwide while using standard easy-to-use FTP or Telnet software applications. Best also provides dial-up or dedicated Internet access as an additional service.

"The Web is the most powerful application on the Internet, but until now gaining the full potential of the Web has been limited to larger organizations with significant technical and financial resources," said Alan D. Mutter, chairman and CEO at Best Internet. "With the Best Web Hosing service, Web Site publishing and a real Internet presence is now available to virtually everyone. For only $20 per month, users get 25MB of storage space, their own domain name and lightening-fast Web Site performance. Now, even the smallest organization can use the Internet to attract new customers, communicate with partners, suppliers and clients, and potentially compete with companies globally.

This service is so inexpensive and easy-to-use that it will quickly become the service of choice for consumers and small businesses wishing to have a presence on the Internet."

The Best Web Hosting Service is compatible with all standard HTML Web Site authoring tools, including SoftQuad HotMetal, Quarterdeck WebAuthor, Incontext Spider, Virtus 3D WEBSITE BUILDER, HmPg Web Site Creation Tools, and several shareware applications. Users simply create a Web Site using their choice of an HTML editing tool, then post the material to the Web Site account using their favorite FTP application. Web Site materials can be created on virtually any platform, including Windows, Macintosh and Unix. Once the site is established, users will have direct access to the published material 24-hours per day.

As the world's leading host of Web Sites, Best currently hosts approximately 10,000 Web Sites with most of these Sites supporting direct domain name access. Supporting over 5 million hits per day, Best has created an industry-leading software and network infrastructure for supporting high bandwidth Web Site activity. With this announcement, anyone in the world can take advantage of this capability for a low monthly fee.

"As the Internet matures, Best is helping companies use the Internet as a practical tool to improve productivity and communication," continued Mr. Mutter. "By emphasizing services such as Web Site Hosting, electronic commerce and co-location of user's equipment at the Best Internet operations center, we are helping customers turn the Internet into a truly productive communication forum for immediate information and collaboration. With best-of-class Web Site Hosting for only $20, Best is helping create an entirely new class of Internet services."

For more sophisticated Web Sites, Best offers a comprehensive range of services, including Web Site design, analysis, and CGI scripting. These services are particularly valuable for small businesses which want to create an interactive and dynamic site, but do not have the in-house expertise to create sophisticate effects.


The Best Web Hosting Service is available immediately. It is priced at $20 per month for a Web Hosted Site and includes 25MB Disk Space, Your Own Domain Name, WWWDirect(tm) Service, a Unix Shell Account, and Telnet and FTP Access. The Web Hosting Service bundled with unlimited modem dial-up Internet access is priced at only $30.00 per month.


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