NASCAR Racing 2

Win95 CD, $49.95
(available now)

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A s you round turn four and enter the dogleg at Talladega, you're pushing 200 MPH and it's 150 degrees inside your car. Behind you, Terry Labonte is inching closer and at this rate he'll take the air off your spoiler. As you speed through turn one you hear your spotter on the two-way: "Trouble in turn two. Stay low." Staying clear of the apron, you maneuver behind Dale Earnhardt and draft him for one more lap until you can slingshot past him in turn three leaving him and Labonte in the dust. This is racing...As real as it gets.

You can see new teams, faster framrates and audio in the NASCAR® Racing 2 Demo. Also, check out some screen shots from the upcoming game.

The Hottest Features

  • 1996 season - Updated drivers, teams, tracks: Challenge Bobby Labonte and Mark Martin, as well as your favorite NASCAR® driver in a race for the 1996 championship.

  • 16 officially licensed tracks - All 16 tracks in one package, many of which have been completely redone to reflect 1996 changes as well as greater realism.

  • 8 Player network play - Race against up to 7 of your friends over an IPX network

  • Spotter/Crew chief audio - Hear what is going on around the track. This feature will give the player better clues about on track events and happenings. Pay close attention to the advice from your spotter and crew chief. It may be the differe nce between failure and victory lane.

  • Arcade mode - Whether you are a novice player or just looking for a quick race, jump right into NASCAR® Racing 2 with the all new Arcade mode. Easier to drive, easier to play, more fun.

  • The Garage - Fully customizable car options: tune your car just like real NASCAR® mechanics.

  • Paintkit - Customize your car's paint job with a full-featured paintkit.

System Requirements

SVGA (640x480)100% IBM compatible, Pentium (75 or faster), 16MB RAM, sound card, 2x or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows95 or DOS.

VGA (320x200)486 66Mhz or greater, 16MB RAM, sound card, 2x or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows95 or DOS.

RecommendedJoystick or wheel/pedal combo, modem (9600 bps or faster).

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