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Welcome to the Imaging Resource!

This is a pilot project, so there's likely to be a lot of changes the next little while...

The goal of this site is to be the central resource for anything having to do with imaging - scanners, digital cameras, digital film recorders, printers, storage technology, image manipulation and analysis, etc, etc. (Yeah, and in our spare time...) For now, we've assembled a lot of info on digital cameras, some tutorials on imaging topics, and pointers to other imaging-related sites on the Web. We also have a sample presentation from Dycam, displaying the capabilities of their new 10-C digital camera, and at the same time, showing the unique power of this resource for marketing communications.

The impetus for this site was the authors' frustration at the limited, fragementary nature of imaging-related information on the Web. Over many hours of browsing, we developed some definite ideas about what works and what doesn't. Accordingly, you may find the organization of this site a little different than most. (Stop back in a few weeks, after we've gathered a little more material, had a chance to implement some of our ideas...)

What's Here?

We're just getting started, but we've gathered together some information you should find useful. For instance:

Reviews of Digital Point & Shoot Cameras (499K PDF File)- These are extracted from a CD-ROM authored by David Etchells, and published by Future Image. Virtually every digital "point and shoot" camera on the market is reviewed here. A unique aspect of the CD is that it includes images from all the cameras tested, so you can see the actual results for yourself! Click here to read more about the CD itself. (Link coming)

Data Sheets on Digital Cameras - How often have you been frustrated in trying to compare similar devices from different manufacturers, because the data sheets didn't contain the same information? Future Image has prepared datasheets on several Digital Point & Shoot Cameras to help you select the device best suited to your needs. (Again, PDF formats on everything.)

Tutorials on Various Subjects - How do you tell a good image from a bad one? How do you analyse differences between cameras? - See our "Buyer's Guide to Digital Point & Shoot Cameras." (866K Acrobat PDF format file.) What is "gray balance," and how do you achieve it? Check out our "Gray Balance Tutorial". (204K Acrobat PDF format file)

Manufacturers' Presentations - One of the really nice things about the Web is how easy it makes it to communicate with images. Just exactly how does a digital camera perform? What is its software like? We expect you'll begin to see lots of companies use the Web to answer questions like these. For now, Dycam has a nice presentation on their 10-C digital camera, using some of the images from the Future Image shootout mentioned above.

Pointers to Related Sites - There is a fair bit of imaging-related information out there on the Web, you just need to know where to look! Here's a brief guide to some of the imaging-related sites we've found on the Web in our own browsing. Help us build this list! If you know of a compelling imaging-related site on the Web, drop us an email! (We're still getting our corporate email act together, so for now, just drop a line to rdetchells@aol.com)

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