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This web site is devoted to synchronicities. Synchronicities are instances where a certain clip or even a whole movie are found to fit extraordinarily well with different music, specifically music that evokes a surreal or psychedelic feel, especially when matched with the video clips. I first became interested in synchronicities when a friend of mine showed me the first synchronicity listed here. I think if you try this, you too will be hooked on the concept.

Coincidentally, the best of those listed here are Pink Floyd Synchronicities. If you know of any others, with different bands, music, etc., please let me know. I'd love to include them.

Webster's dictionary defines synchronicity as:

synchronous, to make exactly simultaneous with the action

Robert Anton Wilson, author of the Illuminatus trilogy as well as a number of non-fiction books on the ideas of synchronicity, would say that synchronicity goes beyond a simple matching, transporting us into the sublime. Let's find out, shall we?

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite
This is in my own opinion quite simply... amazing.

Dark Side of the Rainbow
A favorite of the Pink Floyd newsgroup

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite

The video clip for this synchronicity is the end segment of 2001, subtitled "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite." This segment is the last approx. 23 minutes of the film. The audio for this synchronicity is provided by Pink Floyd's Meddle album, the last track titled "Echoes." "Echoes" is also approx. 23 minutes long.

To start the synchronicity, first pause 2001 at the beginning of "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite"; the screen should be black just before the subtitle phases in. Pause "Echoes" (this is easiest with a cd but if you are using a tape player just get it as close as you can). Unpause both at the same time and enjoy. It's simple, easy, and it's a definite match.

You can also do this same synchronicity to the first track of the Pink Floyd album, Atom Heart Mother, the Atom Heart Mother suite. This too is approx. 23 minutes in length. However, the match is not as precise as "Echoes."

Source: A friend of mine showed me this synchronicity in college, it got me hooked on both 2001 and Pink Floyd. I wrote a paper on the symbolism in the segment, soon to be available on the web. Having since read some biographies on Pink Floyd, there is evidence that this synchronicity is intentional. Both Stanley Kubrick (the director of 2001) and Pink Floyd's members went on record as saying they all regretted that Floyd did not compose the soundtrack for 2001 (that was during PF's soundtrack phase). Well, you be the judge.

Dark Side of the Rainbow

The Wizard of Oz has been a classic film, ever since it came out. And Dark Side of the Moon has been a must-have on any album collectors shelf since 1973. Now you can enjoy them together. This synchronicity seems to be a favorite on the Pink Floyd newsgroup; it certainly is discussed a lot there.

There are a few different versions of the synchronicity. For all of them, you start Dark Side of the Moon after the third MGM lion roar in the opening credits. Following are the variations for the whole movie. (NOTE: All of the albums listed are Pink Floyd albums)

Variation One
When Dark Side of the Moon is over, immediately start Animals and let the album play all the way through. When Animals ends, start Meddle from track two. The movie will end with "Seamus," track five on the Meddle album.

Variation Two
Same as Variation One, except substitute the album Wish You Were Here for Meddle, starting from track one and letting the album play.

Variation Three
Same as Variation One, except substitute disc one of The Wall for Meddle and let it run.

Variation Four
Simply set Dark Side of the Moon to repeat. Run it as long as the movie is playing (or beyond even).

Source: This synchronicity has been a favorite of the Pink Floyd newsgroup, at least for as long as I've been reading it. The name, Dark Side of the Rainbow, is even something I first saw on the newsgroup. There are some incredible matches, notably "Money" to the munchkins doing their dancing and singing, but overall this synchronicity is not quite as strong as "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite."

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