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Diablo Very Close to Release

As Christmas Day quickly approaches, we at Blizzard have been getting the same question time and time again...

When is Diablo coming out?

We have been dedicating ourselves to creating something that is becoming rare in our industry -- a bug free release. We have always set a very high mark for ourselves in not only providing games that are fun and exciting, but are also user friendly and as bug free as we can make them.

At this time the game is feature complete, well balanced, and incredibly fun in both single and multi player games. All that is left is to track down what we believe are the last of the bugs. As hard core gamers, we HATE it when we go out and buy a game that we have been eagerly anticipating only to find out that it has been released before it was ready. We are sure that our customers are no different, so we are doing everything in our power -- including canceling holiday trips, working 30 hour days and sleeping on the floors of our offices -- to get Diablo out as soon as possible.

We will not compromise our standards to release a title before it is ready.

So to answer your question "When is Diablo coming out?" all we can say is that we are very close.

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