Commander Keen - "Keen Dreams"

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your neural stun gun and go back to the garden, Commander Keen returns with a whole new adventure. A stirring soundtrack, dazzling full color graphics and plenty of arcade excitement make this a three course meal of a game.

Situation Analysis:

Trapped in a land where giant vegetables rule the day, you must fight your way through an army of vicious broccoli beasts, savage asparagus warriors and a bushel of other leafy green nasties before battling the fiercest spud of all, King Boobus Tuber. Unless you want a one way trip to the salad bar in the sky, you'll have to finish all your veggies. Before they finish you.


· Ultra-high speed animated action & 360 smooth graphics.

· Hundreds of screens in more than 30 action-packed levels.

· Professionally-composed music and exciting sound effects with AdLib, Sound Blaster, or a 100% compatible sound board.

· Three levels of difficulty.

· Exhilarating action, incredible graphics and hilarious adventures.

System Requirements:

· An IBM or 100% Compatible.

· 640K RAM/EGA or adapter or better.

· AdLib, Sound Blaster and 100% compatible supported.


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