Caldera® Announces New Caldera OpenLinux® (COL) Platform and Three-Tier Product Strategy

New Technology and Stratified Products to Ship in 4th Quarter 1996 and Throughout 1997

Provo, UT October 9, 1996 Caldera Inc. today announced the development and implementation of Caldera OpenLinux (COL), a new 32-bit, Linux 2.x-based platform for extending local area networks (LANs) to the home, branch office, remote user, Inter/intranet and embedded systems. To extend the LANs in an economical and easily managed way, COL technology will be offered in three product stratifications; base, workstation and server. Caldera the leader in commercial Linux-based system software debuted COL this week at UNIX Expo in New York.

"Caldera first met customer demand for commercial Linux solutions by combining Linux technologies with enterprise standards like NetWare and Netscape Navigator ," said Ransom Love, vice president of marketing and sales for Caldera. "From the best of these and other technologies have evolved the Caldera OpenLinux platform and stratified products. Caldera product offerings will now be based on the COL platform with complete stratified solutions for workgroup and network/server environments."

The secure, peer-to-peer COL platform first evolved from the synthesis of Caldera's existing Linux-based technologies and those acquired from Lasermoon of Wickham, England, pioneers of the Linux migration towards X/Open standards and other certifications.

The efforts of the Linux System Technologies (LST) of Erlangen, Germany, completed the evolution of COL by integrating the Caldera and Lasermoon technologies with additional Internet technologies and LST's Linux 2.x-based products. COL is the official upgrade path for Lasermoon customers.


Currently, Caldera is working with the Linux community in making COL compliant and certified with industry standards like POSIX.1 (FIPS 151-2), Single UNIX Specification APIs and X-Open branding. These additions will be in future releases of COL stratified products when the enhancements have been integrated by key Linux developers. All of the work for standards compliance will be freely contributed back to the Linux community.


Caldera is committed to providing products for the global Linux market. COL stratified products will ship with an installation localized into English and German. Additional components of the product will be localized into English, French, German and Spanish. Caldera also plans product localization for the Japanese and Chinese markets.

COL base

The COL base product includes the following:

The COL base product provides Linux users and first time UNIX buyers with a comprehensive UNIX system that can run on Intel-based PCs including laptops with 16 MB of RAM. COL will be made available to hardware and software OEMs, Channel Partners and be the industry- standard platform for ISVs porting applications to Linux.

The Caldera Solutions CD allows resellers and Linux users to purchase and install from the CD-ROM Linux-based software applications to facilitate the creation of customized solutions.

COL workstation

Plans for the COL workstation product include:

COL workstation is the Inter/intranet workstation solution providing client and server capabilities for NetWare, UNIX and Windows NT in conjunction with full Inter/intranet, authoring, publishing and browsing capabilities. All services on the local network may be extended down-the-hall, to-the-home or around the world across a high-speed connection by simply adding a frame relay or ISDN commodity card to Intel-based PCs. COL workstation is the second-generation solution for Caldera Network Desktop (CND) customers and replaces CND.

COL server

The COL server is designed for the workgroup and small office environments that need to fully utilize all systems. The COL server combines a complete applications server with all necessary Inter/intranet technologies enabling an organization to publish and interoperate with the Internet in a secure fashion. The COL server complements all NetWare, UNIX and Windows NT environments.

Future Development and Internet/Linux Community Funding

Caldera will continue to collaborate with developers in the Internet and Linux communities to develop and refine technologies that add the specific functionality requested by Caldera's customers. In addition, Caldera will provide a percentage of net revenues from COL-based products back to the Internet and Linux communities through funding for future technology development.

Customer Support

Support for the COL base product will be Internet-based, using the WWW and FTP. In addition to the Internet-based support, support for the workstation and server products will include free thirty-day installation support as well as fee-based, per incident support calls.


The COL base product is scheduled to ship in November, 1996 for a suggested retail price of $59 US. The COL workstation product will ship for a suggested retail price of less than $300 US. The COL server product will ship for a suggested retail price of less than $1500 US.

Promotions and Upgrades

Until December 31, 1996, current registered CND users and those who purchase and register CND between now and December 31, or while supplies last, may purchase COL workstation for $59 US.

The COL base product is not an upgrade to CND. Users of the COL base product will be provided an upgrade to both COL workstation and COL server when these products ship.

Until December 31, 1996, current users of any Linux operating system (WGS LinuxPro, Red Hat, Slackware, Yggdrasil Plug and Play Linux, etc.) may upgrade to the COL base product for $45 US. Proof of usage may be presented to any Caldera Channel Partner or Caldera, Inc.

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