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Welcome to GeoCities GeoWorld, a 3-Dimensional Multi-User VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) Environment.

GeoCities is pleased to announce the opening of a VRML community called GeoWorld. Developed in conjunction with our technology partner, BlackSun, GeoWorld is an interactive 3-D environment that further extends the successful and compelling GeoCities community model.

Just as GeoCities contains the largest and most popular collection of free Personal Home Pages on the Web, we anticipate that GeoWorld will quickly become one of the most frequented 3-D interactive environments on the Internet. In the near future, GeoCities and BlackSun plan to introduce an innovative VRML homesteading program, whereby anybody on the web can create their own 3-D homestead.

To enter GeoWorld, you have three choices:
  • If you have Netscape 3.0 and Windows 95, you can download Black Sun's Netscape plug-in, called CyberHub Client.
    Download it here, or get it from an optional site.

  • If you don't have Netscape 3.0, but you do have Windows 95, then you can use Black Sun's standalone VRML browser, CyberGate, to view GeoWorld.
    Dowload it here.

  • Or you can download Netscape 3.0 now and then get the plug-in as mentioned above.

Here's how to get to GeoWorld:
  • If you're using CyberHub Client, launch it. You'll be given a choice to choose an avatar or enter a world.

    1. Choose an avatar first; that's the 3D rendering that represents you in a VRML world.

    2. Then enter a world -- you'll be placed in Black Sun's "Plaza". From there you can click on the GeoCities button to enter GeoWorld.

  • If you're using CyberGate, launch it and point your browser to

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