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Well, this is it. Sean's Illtel page. If you made it here, you must either be a poor sucka or a friend. I'm hoping that over time this page will evolve into something that incites riots and free love (I like extremes.) I'm the youngest and newest member of Illtel, and hence it seems I get the job of cleaning up after people. That's okay though because the Illtel staff has pretty good trash.

But enough about Illtel, you came here to hear about me. In my free time I like to play bass.. If you like bass as well, you may want to check out this here Link. If you like good music, you should probably check out my band, FREAK BOY #9 . When I'm at home, I like to use Amiga computers, Go places in my '65 T-Bird and other times, I like to ski. For current ski info in Colorado, click here.

LAMERS!! Go here and don't come back!!

(If you got here at all, your probably not using windows. Through the magic of fhttpd, I can selectively weed out windows users :^>, so if you got through, your lucky, and probably using some crappy browser I've never heard of.)

Here's what those sorry Windows faggots see!

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New: Everybody needs a job sometime...

  • Allen Davis and Associates Software Jobs Homepage
  • Yahoo Search Results
  • CareerMosaic Page 1
  • Jobs Offered
  • ZD Net Job Database
  • E-Span Job Database Search
  • careerWEB - jobs, employment, and careers

  • My local ftp server directories (in progress)

    pictures/ Picture archive
    pub/ Public archive directory
    incoming/ FTP inbound directory
    private/ Private archive directory

    - Oh, you want links? Okay, I give you links. -

    CREAM! Stay on top. The freshest links are found here in my real-time bookmarks file.

    I got music links...

  • Internet Underground Music Archive
  • The Ultimate Band List - Main Page
  • Computer Music Journal Home Page
  • WWW Virtual Library: Music - FTP Archives
  • MIDI Home Page
  • Indiana University School of Music Home Page
  • Green Valley Music
  • Home of Vintage Guitar magazine
  • Other WWW Music Resources
  • Core Sound's Home Page (links to vendor sites)
  • Cassette House
  • Harmony Central: MIDI Tools and Resources
  • Musician's Friends WWW Site!
  • For BASS

  • The Bottom Line Archive
  • Modulus Home Page
  • SWR Home Page
  • Jaco Pastorius Home Page
  • Michael Manring Home Page
  • The Rickenbacker Project
  • The One Stop Bass Shop
  • Links to links? Well, okay...

  • WELCOME- Superpage (JJ Heim has outdone himself this time. As long as it doesn't crash your browser)
  • The HUGE List
  • The WebCrawler Top 25
  • EINet Galaxy
  • Cybersight
  • The Asylum
  • Webaholics Home Page version 2.0
  • IFA, Homo Ludens
  • Keenan's List of Hot Spots
  • Heavin's Haven
  • This is the Worst
  • Webman's worthless web pages
  • The Stupid Homepage
  • Sick of everyone else web pages? Build your own.

  • Fhttpd Home Page - It's free, it's the best, it's Illtel - USE IT!

  • WWW Viewer Test Page
  • The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project
  • The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
  • A CGI Programmer's Reference
  • Beyond Hypertext - Forms and CGIs
  • World Wide Web:Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML):Sites

    With Java!

  • Cool Applets We've Written (beta sunsoft)
  • Gamelan
  • Simple 3D Viewer (my favorite so far)
  • Chat Touring
  • The Java(tm) Developers Kit
  • Java-Linux Latest Information
  • Free yo' mind and yo' PC will follow!

  • Justin's Links from the Underground
  • Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Internet!
  • MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression (SAFE) Home Page
  • Welcome to The WELL
  • Tarc's Underground
  • VTW Focus on Internet Censorship legislation Who do you have to blow today? (www.micros0ft.com) (they're down but not forgotten)
  • Ye Olde La Paranoia Home Page
  • The Unabomber's Manifesto
  • Carl Jung: Anthology
  • Prophecy Index of C. Alan Martin
  • The Conspiracy Pages
  • Rainbow Family
  • Online Ayurvedic Clinic
  • Computer Geeks - Look here!

  • All About Linux
  • Caldera Inc.-Commercial Linux!
  • SAMBA Web Pages
  • AT&T Bell Laboratories Mathematical and Computing Sciences Research
  • The Blackdown Organization
  • Be Welcome! (The Be box. hot new computer. Too good to survive.)
  • GateD Manual Page
  • Xing Technology Corporation
  • University Of Illinois Computer Science Home Page
  • Alexander Belits's Home Page(Quite possibly the best hacker page on the web, run by our beloved Russian genius, Alex.)
  • SunSite
  • Welcome to the Linux Home Page
  • Sniffit Page
  • Directory of /pub/linux/ at MIT
  • GNU Software Online Documentation
  • Wine: Windows Emulator for 386-based UNIX+X11
  • Dialogic on the Web
  • Novell Inc. World Wide Web Home Page
  • The IBM home page
  • Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
  • Genesys Labs, Home Page
  • Allen Davis and Associates - Software Jobs Home Page
  • Directory of / at ftp.sco.com
  • Multiple Linux ethercard HowTo
  • The XPilot Page; the X11 based multiplayer space combat game
  • Welcome To MindVox (internet live video client)
  • Computer Expressionists - Look Here!

  • The Amiga Home Page
  • The Amiga Web Directory
  • National Amiga
  • Can't get laid? That's why we love computers! (Or possibly vice-versa)

  • Local FTP of the babes with the big kahunas (If 'ya know what I mean!)

  • The Playboy Home Page
  • Welcome to Penthouse
  • Catalog -- Sexuality Education for Adults
  • alt.sex.movies Home Page
  • Hustler Online
  • The NetCenter - ADULT CENTER.
  • Nekked Girl!
  • The Complete ADULT List
  • NAUGHTY Lynx
  • The HUGE List: For Adults Only
  • Persian Kitty's Adult Links!
  • ROMAD Smut page
  • Buck's pick on Cindy Page
  • Amateur Links
  • Wasting Time on the WWW
  • Phoebe Cates Resource Directory (She's so cuute)
  • The bob-haircut pages (Not actually one of my favorite hairstyles on women, but I love supporting people's wacky fettishes)
  • The (inter)tainment industry is a boomin'. Get in on the ground floor.

  • Captain James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page!!!!!
  • Riddler
  • Webcorp Realaudio Page
  • Electronic Newsstand Homepage
  • The Village Voice
  • Pathfinder Home Page
  • The Internet Movie Database at Cardiff UK
  • The 3D0 Homepage
  • Thant's Animations Index
  • Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
  • HotWired
  • The Strip
  • The Vestibule
  • Mr. Showbiz Table of Contents
  • Directnet's fun sites
  • Vertigo's Web Home Page
  • The Comic Strip
  • Useful information for stuff, and things.

  • Hypertext Webster's Dictionary Interface
  • Hypertext Roget's Thesaurus
  • Gopher Thesaurus Index gopher://odie.niaid.gov/
  • WhoWhere? PeopleSearch
  • Four11 White Page Directory
  • Switchboard
  • c|net online front door
  • Gutenberg Master Index
  • Online Dictionary of Computing
  • Global Network Navigator Home Page
  • Gopher PC marketplace
  • InterNIC Directory and Database Services - Page 1
  • Experimental Stock Market Data
  • The GNN/Koblas Currency Converter
  • The World Factbook 1994
  • Ask ERIC Toolbox at Sunsite
  • The Current Time
  • Xerox PARC Map Viewer
  • Xerox Geographic Name/Coordinate Server
  • Online Standards Document Library Index
  • Bellcore Home Page (More Standards)
  • IRC Related Documents
  • Allen Davis and Associates - Software Jobs Home Page
  • Query Interface to the PC Software Harvest Broker
  • Data Fellows World Wide Web Server (virus info)
  • FAQ on how to build your own speakers
  • The WWW Speedtrap Registry
  • NECX Direct Computer Sales
  • Welcome to Britannica Online>
  • Archives and ftp sites of useful files

  • Directory of /pub/games/ at hyperactive.com
  • WIT
  • FTP to cert.org (home of good security docs)
  • Directory of /pub/ardi at MIT
  • Ftp archive at x.org
  • Texture Land!
  • The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Compliant Software
  • Linux Links - Sunsite Mirrors
  • You can have anything, but like so many Americans, you may not know what you want. Why not have someone else do the choosing for you!?

  • Cool Site of the Day
  • URouLette

    Well, thanks for visiting, and check by every so often to see if I'm doing anything wierd, or if you have any good ideas of wierd things I can do (I'm always on the lookout), let me know.


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