How badly does it suck? *Really* badly.

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Essentially, MSN2 is crap.

Topic of the week: CENSORSHIP :o(.
    A view from the lighter side of the awful new MSN. Humor, prozac, and some interesting MSN documents about censorship. Yes, the presence of content you can actually get to easily distinguishes this from the "real" site at MSN2...

Contribute to the bitch session
    Communicate with us! Share your gripes, your grief, and your grouchiness on the internet's crankiest BBS and newsgroup. Find useful e-mail contacts for MSN management and the press; send feedback on this site; play Deep Throat through our anonymous mail drop...

    The Help Desk. No, we don't just whine here! MSN2 Tricks & Tips; alternative networks (links, pricing plans, opinions); alternative chat (IRC information and links) and a bunch of other good stuff.

MSN2 hint: make popcorn while waiting for the pages to load.
    An archive of funny, pissed-off, poignant, bizzarre, and/or intelligent e-mails and comments from our pre-BBS days. Read the initial reactions to Comic Chat and MSN2 in general. And please, add your thoughts to our BBS, accessed through Communicate

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