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The White Family is a small gang of computer and art people located in a suburb of Chicago.

In addition to parents Kaye and TQ, there are two kids around here, Emily and Addison. Emily is nine, a bright, lovely girl with big blue eyes and a pretty kooky personality. Although she likes to share her Dads interest in science, she seems to be at her best following her Mom into the world of art. (An interesting twist since Kaye is the only artist in her whole family and TQ is the only non-artist in his.)

Addison is a five year old testament to the fact that it is nature, not nurture. He was born to run, scream, compete and, whenever, he can get away with it, dominate the world. Where Emily has figured out that one of the best ways to get ahead is to cooperate with others to allow their resources to achieve her goals, Addison figures that he should be running the show, so get out of the way.

The spirit of the house is Kaye. She cares about things like couches, toys and making sure that even grownups get birthday presents. Her job is designing Happy Meal Toys for McDonalds although that is really only the latest step in a long freelance art career. She will probably turn herself into a licensing broker, connecting people that have copyright properties with people that have a use for such things. That way she will be able to make her living talking on the phone to people about cool ideas for appealling to consumers.

The Dad is TQ. He did the sixties pretty hard and still believes that every person should be dedicated to social justice and kindness, even if it interferes with their ability to have a third VCR. His career is based on the ability to understand computer stuff and explain it to people. Presently he works for ResourceNet International, a company that sells computers to the printing industry. He is actually something of an expert in matters of electronic prepress and production data management. He is also a database programmer in his spare time.

The house is also home to a wide variety of suburban pets. There are the mice, the hamsters, fish galore (in a continuously inhabited ten-year-old aquarium) and, of course, the dogs. The goofiest one is Katie. She is a toy poodle (with an actual pedigree). She is the goofiest both because of her appearance (the house mom, Kaye, is the dog-barber, too) and because she is just a silly creature with no real sense. The other dog, Dino, is named after Fred Flintstones dog-o-saurus. He is an old mutt, getting a bit gray in the muzzle and sort of seems wise, even though he clearly has a lower IQ than the little one.

If you are in the mood, please check out the pages made by the family members. You will find some silliness, some business (the grownups are feeling pretty cool about the chance to let the world share in some of their career work products) and, we hope, a pleasant sense of our family.

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2/9/96 Added Blue Ribbon to the page. Censorship must not be allowed on the net or anywhere else.

<7/22/95 Emily has put up her first computer illustration. Go to Emily's Web Page.

<7/22/95 Check out the new Home Page TQ is working on for OnRamp. He's grooving! TQ's page.

<7/17/95 Check out TQ's Resume starting on TQ's page.

Our friend, Janet Rogers, has been a tremendous help in getting
the White Family into the Internet Age.
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