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There's one advantage of being poor -- a doctor will cure you faster.

-- Kin Hubbard

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I'm Screaming from a Green Chri$tma$
Was your oil lamp replaced by a lava lamp? Crèche baby morphed into "Tickle Me Elmo"? Tell us what the holidays really mean to you. (12/18)

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Can you aid a debt-ridden single mom? (12/17)

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Vital resources for working smart.

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Tips and tools for saving & managing money.


Know this for sure: the 80/20 rule. It is an enormously useful measure. You get 80% of your results from 20% of your customers/advertising/effort.

Have you got a job-hunting, boss-fending, or money-saving tip? Share it with us!

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the working life
The Working Life:

Harry Goldstein on promotion emotions. (12/19)

the buck starts here
Ken Kurson:

A bad case of prospectus runs. (12/16)


Career Safari
Everything you ever wanted to know about the working life but were afraid to ask! Tripod's Career Safari helps you Explore Careers, Find Jobs, and Work Smart -- with tools which include our way advanced, automatic, remarkably improved Resume Builder. Don't miss the searchable database of internship opportunities or the informative columns and interviews.

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Tripod's Money Manager is a fun and useful financial suite which includes full-service Internet banking on the Tripod/SFNB Satellite. You'll also find financial tools like the Retirement Planner and the Budget Calculator to help your money go further. Or, get instant quotes from The Tripod Market Report. All this plus columns by nationally-known money experts!

Tripod/SFNB Satellite You still drive to the bank? That went out with button shoes. Get on the Satellite -- the future of banking is here!

tools for thought
tools for thought
Hard Hatted Women

Stories of tradeswomen's struggles. (12/20)

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