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  In the debate room you can view and debate
   ads that are slightly similar, or too
    similar, some even have the same copy.
      Deja vu...Plagiarism? What do you think?
       You can scratch your name inthe Guestbook
      and read other ad-addicted peoples rants.
     In Readyou can find excerpts from good to
    faboulous advertising books for Client's,
   CW's, AD's, CD's and wannabe's. There is
  also a list of famous advertising quotes.
   From the Agency button you can surf your-
    self silly to advertising agencie's.
     Adlinks will link you to other adsites.
      mail @me if you have a link to offer, an
       ad that that you think is ripped off or
      just plain good, or for any reason at all
     considering advertising really.
    If you are an Account man stop by here.
   If you wan't to know keywords before you
  join the debate,like proposition, breif,
   tagline,copy,art direction,concept U.S.P,
    payoff and 'poopie-head' go to the Adlecture!
     Sick of ads already? Want to see my favorite
       links out to the real world?



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