Gain Control of the World by Strategy, Power and Magic in MicroProse Software's Master of Magic?

Master of Magic is the first game to place several popular game genres-exploration, spellcasting, combat and strategy-into an ever-changing fantasy realm. The player must consider resources, magic energy and other wizards in an endeavor to conquer the world," said Marcia Foster, product manager.

Game Features
  • New fantasy worlds and mystical planes of existence
  • Five difficulty settings that give players of all levels the chance for fun and a challenge
  • Point-and-click, icon-based interface that makes it easy for the player to gather information and make decisions
  • Economic, political and military decision making
  • Fantastic races, monsters, heroes and treasures


  • Category: Strategy/Fantasy

    Format: MS-DOS 5.0 or higher

    Minimum Requirements: IBM-PC 386, 486, and Pentium, 4MB RAM, VGA graphics and mouse

    Supports: Ad Lib, Covox, Roland MT/32/CM-32L/LAPC-1 General MIDI and Sound Blaster sound cards

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