Having complete control over all economic, social, political, technological and military decisions, players are in charge of a race and the quest to dominate the galaxy. Critical decisions must be made in order to ensure the survival of one's race against the other races that compete for the same living space.

"Each of the ten alien races has special skills and capabilities that have to be considered when playing this game. For example, one race may be skilled at diplomacy, another may have greater technological capabilities, and still another may possess a strong military. Take these factors into consideration when determining your strategy and remember that you can battle, trade and negotiate with each group," said Marcia Foster, product manager.

Game features include:

  • Win the game by conquering the known star systems.
  • Includes ten different alien races with which to battle, trade and negotiate.
  • Graphic menu screens and animation depict colorful aliens and add drame to milestone achievements.
  • Build a powerful fleet of spaceships -- from small shuttles to gargantuan planet busting dreadnoughts -- and equip them with the latest technological advancements.


Category: Strategy/Adventure

Era: Future

Format: MS-DOS 5.0 or higher

Minimum Requirements: IBM PC 386, 486, and Pentium, 4MB RAM, VGA graphics and mouse

Supports: Ad Lib, Covox, Roland MT/32/CM-32L/LAPC-1 General MIDI and Sound Blaster sound cards

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