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The Grand Scheme to Save Apple
Apple Computer is poised to sell a radically new operating system, probably better than anything you've used before. Are you ready to toss out your old stuff and begin again?
by Nikhil Hutheesing


In the December 2 Forbes ASAP, 53 of the most provocative voices among today's digerati, from Tom Wolfe and Camille Paglia to George Gilder and Al Goldstein, wrote about technology's impact on mankind in a special issue called "Where Do We Go From Here?"

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Real men write assembly code Jon Garber likes to get his hands dirty with the innards of computers, rocket ships, you name it. On such tinkering is his Connectix thriving. By Josh McHugh

E-Sex Censorship never hurt Larry Flynt's Hustler or Bob Guccione's Penthouse, but the Internet sure has. By Seth Lubove

Civilization Can't Afford to Forget As the millennium approaches, it is time to assert the obvious truth that twentieth-century culture was mostly a nihilist death trip, in the grip of the materialist superstitions of Marxism, naturalism, positivism, Darwinism, and deconstructionism. By George Gilder

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