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Update: 07/26/96

Programming: Peter added more sector effects for Jay's House of Horror level. We also revamped how data resources get defined in Blood's resource manager. The changes make it a lot easier for everyone to import sounds, maps, and other objects into Blood.

Levels: Jay finished off the House of Horror level and created the game script for Blood's first episode. This episode goes to internal play test late next week. After blowing the crap out of each other in BloodBath for a while, we will take all the suggestions and detail the shareware maps with more features.

Artwork: Brian Waite has come on part time as a 3D artist. Brian has been modeling tons of items for Blood. Kevin imported them using a new technology that kicks ass over plain old polygons. Kevin also created some new art for the Blood web site. (Coming Soon!) If we can get Ken to finish the editor for our new game objects, none of the Blood's game objects will be 2D sprites.

Spencer Maiers is working on the new Blood web site. Kevin is creating the artwork and Spencer is creating the site. To see more of Spencer's work, check out Blood will soon have the best web site you have ever seen.

Blood 7/19 Screen shot

Update: 07/19/96

* * * BIG NEWS * * *

Q Studios moved to new offices which is why we skipped the update for July 12th. More on the how and why of this move Real Soon Now. For now the details are Top Secret. Keep watching this page and the Official Q Studios & Blood Web Site at

Programming: Peter wrapped up some sound bugs and added a special effect to control the volume of a 3D sound from a game object. This gives us the advantage of realism over other games, for instance the sound of buzzing lights are now synchronized with actual lighting effect. Nick completed coding sector and wall effects for building more realistic levels. Build levels now look and feel fully 3D. For instance, you can see through holes in floors and ceilings into completely different areas, offering huge creative and strategic advantages over Duke maps using the standard Build engine.

Levels: Jay has almost finished his House of Horror level. It lives, it breathes, and is scarier than the darkest levels of Hell. We know, we've been there and kicked ass.

Art: Kevin has been creating some new gore and bodies for the House of Horror level. He is also working on models for innocent bystanders for the more populated city maps. No promises, but if they look good in the game, expect to mow down the human fodder if they get in the way of a good fire fight!

The July 12th update did not occur due to the Blood team moving to new offices.

The July 5th update did not occur due to the July 4th Holiday.

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