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Feb 23rd Screen Shot

Update: 2/23/96

Here's a picture from the test level QuadRock (which, if the truth be told, should be called "OctRock", since there are eight offshoots to rock in, but it's QuadRock because there are four ways off each of the two main rooms, and...oh, dear, I'm rambling. Still working on stuff. So close to net play it hurts. Really.

Hexroom Screen Shot

Update: 2/16/96

Here's a shot from a Prey room called HexRoom2, which will be in a later section of Prey. Tom's worked this week on the Prey Bible, enemy design, and level specification, William worked on collision in the engine, and Jim's doing hundreds upon hundreds of routines for dealing with actor code. Mark's been fixing up stuff for Duke Nukem's controls, as well as making the optimum version of the fade table. The artists have been working on room visualizations and had some awesome ideas at a design meeting.

Quadrock Screen Shot


Work continues on the engine, editor, actor code, and levels. Pictured here is a scene from QuadRock, a level being built to test all the elements that will be in the game levels. Some of the team's time is being taken by support for Duke Nukem 3D (the Prey Team did the Setup program and sound routines).

3D Realms welcomes new artists Don Allie, Doug Wood, and David Demaret.

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