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Happy Holidays!

Coming January to Filmtracks: Every month, starting with January, 1997, Filmtracks will have a featured Theme of the Month. These specials will highlight specific areas of film music and offer expanded information and reviews. The first Theme of the Month (1/97) will pay tribute to Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops. The February Theme of the Month will likely encompass the new Star Wars releases, and review the history of the trilogy on CD. Be sure to check back every month for a new theme!

All FilmTracks listings include a review of the score, production notes, availability info/worth, and CD cover art. Some listings feature audio samples (in .ra and .wav formats), pictorials, and standard track listings (with correct total and track lengths). If you'd like to contribute to any of the listings, or correct any errors that have undoubtedly slipped by, let us know.

    Reviews by Title: Browse through the FilmTracks alphabetical list of soundtrack reviews.

    Academy Awards: Along with the recent history of film music at the Academy Awards, ponder our choices for nominations and winners. This is our chance to play God for a moment, and this is your chance to decide if we're really full of it...

    Collector's Corner: Are you addicted to soundtracks? Want to compare your collection to the list of the top fifty collectible scores of all time? This place is for you.

    Cool Stuff: If you think we're strange, I recommend staying away from here. Along with reviews of new special releases, take a peek into our obsessed minds as we conjure up our favorite film score memories and discoveries. Also: vote on what you think is cool.

    Reviews by Year: You can also view the same listings sorted by the year of release.

    Composer Tributes: Honoring some of the great film score composers of our time with web tributes is the least we can do to support these magnificent composers. Although not in depth as many dedicated sites around the web (in regards to each composer), this is our way of saying "thank you" to composers such as Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, and James Horner.

    Company & Fan Links: Here's a complete collection of links to most of the major companies that produce film scores, and to some of the fan links that keep soundtracks alive on the web.

    About This Site: Who the hell are these guys? Were they dropped at birth? Should they be allowed to breed? What did they use to make those graphics? The facts of life are in here...

    Movie Poster and Image Gallery: The cool movie gallery is back! This page was so popular during the six months it was on my personal site, I've decided to make it a permenant resident! Quality movie poster graphics, special effects images, and behind-the-scenes photos make up this constantly growing page.
    Christian Clemmensen's Personal Website: This hive of scum and villainry is where you'll find some perverted "quotes of the week," general bitch sessions about life, insight into my twisted past (including statistics about the number of kilotons of enemy shipping I destroyed in my last life), and pictures of all my friends and foes. I take no responsibility for whatever mental trauma this site may cause you or your family...

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