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What is HotSauce?
HotSauce is a technology demonstration based on MCF (Meta Content Format). MCF is a new approach to representing meta information about content in any information space. Learn more about MCF Technology.

Read more about how to MCF your site.


The HotSauce fly-through plug-in
Download the HotSauce fly-through plug-in to fly through 3D representations of Web space right away. Also available, Download our new Windows NT/95 version of the fly-through plug-in!

Note: The HotSauce fly-through plug-in works with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and, of course, CyberDog 1.2 Beta 2.

The HotSauce standalone application (research prototype)
Download the HotSauce standalone application for Macintosh now! (PPC and 68K versions).

Note: 68K users will experience problems without a Floating Point Unit installed.


We love to get your Feedback!
Go to our Feedback page and tell us how you have used HotSauce. Our first Mailing List!
Join our MCF and HotSauce mailing list.

HotSauce Guides

Background on HotSauce and MCF
Learn more about the technology behind HotSauce or learn about effectively using the HotSauce standalone application.


NetObjects Endorses Apple Structured Content Technology

HotSauce is Hiring!
Find out more about the current job openings! Do you have what it takes to join the HotSauce Team? Get to know the HotSauce team!.


HotSauce-Friendly Sites
Published information spaces or Hot Sauced Sites for you to fly through!

Third Party Tools
Third Party Tools for creating HotSauce sites.

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