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I am Nathan Alter, a cunning Computer Science major (English minor) at the University of New Mexico, formerly playing Maynard G. Krebs in an early 60's sit-com, "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis." I work for Sandia Labs where motorcyclists are forced to wear Christmas trees and clown noses for safety reasons. I smuggle Finnish demo coderz into the U.S. for a living. As far as the important matters, there's the bible. As far as other things, there's biking, soon to be snowboarding, reading, techy things, and Anime. My diet, like many college students, depends heavily on Ramen Noodles.

I hope you enjoy this page, which is no different than the other billion already out there. It follows standard homepage format so there's nothing to surprise you here. Now read on with enthusiasm! I've sprinkled in several exclamation marks that I hope will make it a bit more exciting. There are also a few pages with intentionally clashing text and backgrounds that I hope will challenge your deciphering ability. I'm starting to realize that there isn't any real need for me to put links to other sites because of Alta Vista's Search Engine. But without links, that would just leave content . . . and I sure don't want to bother with that so here're the links!

Here is the CS 433 Computer Gfx Programming Class Final Projects Page which includes a project I worked on. (A game called TooBS for the SGI. Check out the rainbowy 3rd level!) I hope you know something about tcl/tk though.

If you aren't scared yet, here's my resume.

Here is everybody at UNM! (A recent list kept by John Perseo.)

Here is what I sound like.

It's my picture, kids!

I am modifying this Newest-Version-Of-Netscape (too lazy to keep updating the version number--don't you love parenthesis?) enchanted document as you read it. It is my intention to eventually bog down your connection no matter what speed your setup is. I am king of in-line images! I must teach the modem users patience!

Comin' soon to Music, I'll hit ya with my mods!




Coming soon to Ray Tracing, you'll see some o' my animations.




Coming extraordinarily eventually to Coders, you'll see some kind of demo from me.



(Honk, if you like British comedies and send £ 5 to me.)

Here be me bookmarks file

And here is a page I am working on dedicated to the actor formerly known as Larry "Bud" Melman.

Mail yours truly, if you dare... I got the login name "strider" from one of my previously favorite videogames if you are wondering.