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Welcome to Excalibur,
and welcome to the future of online communications.

Excalibur Communications Incorporated is one the largest and fastest growing online communication software companies in the world.

For first time users, we recommend visiting the Excalibur Tour, this will explain our company and our software to you, and even give you a walkthrough of one of the thousands of Excalibur boards throughout the world that you could log on to.
Also you may want to check out our Hot Spots section, as each month, we pick ten boards from around the world as our Hottest Excalibur Systems to visit.

Excal Tour
Take an online journey through our online system
The Excalibur Tour will take you through our company history, as well as explain and show visually just what our software does, and just why its so popular.

Internet Onramp
Turn your BBS into an Excalibur I.S.P.
Why just have Dial up lines? With the internet so hot right now, why not become one of the big boys, and become an Internet Service Provider, you'll be amazed at how many users want the net.

Database Tools
Add Database functionality with Gueniviere.
Want to make database purchase forms on your system? Or sell real estate with an easy to update graphical interface? Or better yet, you want to design a soccer pool for you and your friends? Gueniviere lets you do that and more, with BDE, and Microsoft™ Access database functionality, all within an easy HTML interface.

Get on the coolest server around.
With thousands of Excalibur Systems throughout the world, and a Web Page (your looking at it) that gets over 3000 hits a day, why not put your Domain right here? Excalibur could be your new home.

Order Form
What are you waiting for?
If your looking to upgrade or purchase new software, or even change domains, the form to fill is right here.

Excal Host Demo
FREE Excalibur Communications Host Demo
Want to be an ISP, or run a community bulletin board, or an inhouse company network? Well, download our FREE Excalibur Host Demo, and find out why more than ten thousand consumers bought Excalibur.

Excalibur Client
FREE Excalibur Communications Client software
Don't even try and tell us you've never logged on to an Excalibur Board? What? You haven't, well what are you waiting for, get to it, download your copy of our famous client terminal and start surfing, Excalibur style of course.

Our Hot Spots
This months Top Ten Excalibur systems.
If you've downloaded and installed your copy of excalibur, then check out our Hot Spots to instantly connect to one of Excaliburs top ten sites of the month.

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to each months 10 winners)

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We welcome any and all email so please don't be shy, email us anytime.
Our phone contact numbers are:
(voice)1-918-488-9801 (bbs)1-918-496-8113 (fax)1-918-491-0033

Excalibur Communications Inc.:
2530 E.71st Street Suite 'E'
Tulsa Oklahoma 74136

Our hours of operation are
(8:30a - 5:30p CST) 5 days of week

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