"Everyone should know that the
'war on cancer' is largely a fraud."
Dr. Linus Pauling · Nobel Laureate

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Welcome to the home page of Alpha Omega Labs. We are researchers, chemists, and manufacturers of herbal concentrates, ointments, and tabletted formulas -- all of which are highly anti-neoplastic (i.e. they rapidly kill cancer cells, leaving healthy tissue alone), and some of which are anti-viral (i.e. they kill viruses on contact extracellularly). Most of our work is derivative: that is, there is a great body of scientific data already accumulated to support our work by dedicated scientists who came before us. And over 99% of this work has been suppressed by Western governments to appease powerful members of what is variously called The Medical Industrial Complex ("MIC"). The Cancer Industry is enormous in size: reportedly as much as $100 billion annually in the U.S. alone. And yet, the most effective cancer treatments are very inexpensive: less than $100 (USD) in most cases. No political combination could possibly allow such effective, inexpensive treatment to see the light of day in the mainstream market. The MIC uses enormous resources to control the media, the academic community, the politicians, researchers... in short, all points of dissemination of information to the public.

In time, the internet is destined to change this.

The purpose of this home page is five-fold:

  1. Give you access to the tonage of evidence confirming the extent of the suppression of effective cancer treatment which is: (a) highly effective, (b) safe, with only minor possible side-effects and (c) very inexpensive;
  2. Give you a background, in layman's terms, of what formulas we deal in and their history, as well as what we have done to improve their effectiveness;
  3. Show you how the products are used (i.e. protocol), what minor side effects, or "contraindications" you might experience (i.e. nausea or pain);
  4. How to purchase our product in your country, and;
  5. Where to go if your cancer or viral condition is such that we cannot help you.


Read our Warranty carefully. You are assured a complete, 100% money-back refund if you are not happy with any of the products or services we offer. No doctor, hospital or pharmacy in the world, which we are aware of, offers this kind of guarantee.
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