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Enjoy your visit, but remember- the moon's atmosphere is rather thin, and you may find yourself losing track of time as you explore the many areas... :)

Luna is the home of a vast wealth of Smashing Pumpkins info & files. There are many things to do and see here. You can read a bit about Luna, including how this site was created, or check out one of Luna's featured areas... To help you get started, there's a guide to finding your way around here.

Luna is constantly being added to, so pardon any space dust you may find. :) Also, note that some updates may take a while to appear, esp. new moon boot entries... Remember that I don't have the time to make this a full-time job, although it sometimes ends up that way anyway... :)

NOTE: With the dorms closed, I will be unable to make updates often, if at all. I should be back in full gear by mid-January. Have a nice winter break!


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