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Attention To Detail Ltd. is a dynamic UK software development company with a breadth of technical expertise. From leading edge games software to custom data compression and e-mail products, ATD consistently applies the same principles: creativity, innovation and professionalism.

STOP PRESS - Demo of ATD's Voxel Sprite System now Available!!

STOP PRESS II - QM Video Compression now available for Saturn!!

Games players should be keeping an eye on the ATD Games pages. Blast Chamber is getting great previews in a number of Games Magazines, and Activision are pulling all the stops out in the run-up to Christmas. At the same time, we're putting the Incredible Hulk through his final exercises in The Pantheon Saga which is being published by Eidos this autumn.

More news on this and all other games projects under development at ATD as soon as it breaks!

Everyone should check out ATD Research. This new division of ATD is responsible for keeping the Inventions page full of cool software for developers and users alike. QM, our video compression system has now been joined by GT, our lossless compression system for accelerated CD performance, and the stunning new Voxel Sprite System.

Follow the links for more information about ATD including how to contact us and a list of job opportunities.

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