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"Serving drinks
'til the ship sinks."
Welcome to TITANIC Entertainment!

Titanic is dedicated to bringing high quality, professionally-built multiplayer games to the internet. We can't wait to release our first game, NetStorm!

Our goal for NetStorm is to create a game unlike any other. So many online 'communities' set people adrift in a pointless world. NetStorm provides a concrete, exciting context for interaction that includes spying, trading, and building alliances. Unlike other multiplayer games, NetStorm games may last for weeks at a time. The result is a world to which players can feel excited about returning.

Imagine an ancient fantastical world adrift in the clouds. Towers soar high into the air from islands floating in the sky. Fortifications bristle at the island's edge, waiting for the next attack. Players construct armies and navies of fantastic creatures to battle one another. Look for our latest screen shots in upcoming issues of your favorite gaming magazines!

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