Indiana's ONLY UNIX license

CSO Phone Book Info:

name: goble george h
title: senior systems engineer
department: Electrical Engineering (ECN)
building: msee
phone: (317) 49-43545
campus: w laf

1996 WINNER of the Ig Nobel prize for chemistry.

Lafayette Journal & Courier article which ran on 10/5/96. (245K)

Indianapolis Star article which ran on 10/9/96. (104K)

BBC audio (2 min, 935K) taped by Bill Ricker in RIFF .wav format.

Same file with modified header (in .au format) in case your player wont grok the first file.

Same file in Real Audio format (96K)

WFBQ Bob&Tom; Show 10/8/96. 8:47, 8Khz, mono, .au format 4.2MB.

Acrobat (PDF format) scan-ins of the winner list (100K) and 1996 Ig Nobel "program guide" (800K). Both were quickly OCR'd in, and may have font or spelling errors. The program guide is in random order until I can sort the pages.



Still photo or an MPEG MOVIE of lighting of the grill with 3 gallons of liquid oxygen. Started with 60 lbs of charcoal, and burnt up 40 lbs of it in 3 seconds. Result is a grill ready to cook in about 3 seconds, and all the old grease, etc burned off. Don't try this at home.

WARNING: an ignition source, such as a lit cigarette or one glowing coal, must be present before pouring on the LOX. If charcoal is PRESOAKED in LOX first, an explosion will result. One briquette presoaked in LOX is approx equiv to 1 stick of dynamite.

Thanks to Joe Cychosz ( for shooting the video and to Todd Birchman ( for converting the video to an MPEG. Click on the to hear the audio from the grill lighting.

GRILL LIGHTING at the Sept 3, 1994 HKN/ACM (EE/CS) Picnic.

(Widen up your window to fit two pictures across - it looks better)

Since GHG hadn't lit a grill for a couple of years, Allan Knies begged him to do it once more. Approximately 10 gallons of liquid oxygen were dumped onto two grills. Click on each pix to see a larger version with more resolution and colormap. The bucket on the end of the board holds 3 gallons of LOX. Liquid oxygen is a pale blue color (like the sky) and slightly magnetic. These jpegs were taken from video taken by Joe Cychosz ( and Jeff Sponaugle (

Even though taken in bright sunlight, the high brightness of the fireball, caused the camera to underexpose the background, giving the appearance of a "bonfire at night".

It was decided to "sacrifice" a cheap (on sale for $2.88 at OSCO's) grill to the fire gods. It was loaded with charcoal, with one briquette smoldering, and 5 gallons of LOX were dumped on, causing the grill to melt down and then almost completely vaporize.

It's gone.

6 mins, 2850 Kbytes. Complete sound track from the Sept 3, 1994, grill lighting.

MPEG MOVIE (9772 Kbytes) of lighting of the grill.

A QUICKTIME VERSION (with sound!) of this SAME movie (20 megs, 8 FPS 180x240).

Another QUICKTIME VERSION (with sound!) of this SAME movie (20 megs, 8 FPS 180x240). This may work on more viewers.

Indianapolis Star, July 4, 1996, jpeg, 330K, reprinted with permission, another grill lighting.

39 more BBQ PICTURES taken by bystanders on location, during the Indianapolis Star photo shoot.

Dave Brauer radio talk show on KSTP, Minneapolis/St Paul, about this homepage, 7/4/96, 10 min (.au 4798K) copied with permission.

LOPEZ radio talk show on WIYY, Baltimore, about this homepage, 2/4/96.

David Barry related info and other publicity

about this homepage.

Due to the massive network & machine overload, from the Dave Barry article, this homepage is now split into two pieces. You have just finished part one. (BBQ grill)

Information Superhighway Onramp Traffic Jam

The T1 internet link (1.544 megabits/sec) between Purdue and ANS (The Purdue onramp to the Information Super Highway) was maxxed out (traffic jam?) the entire week following the Dave Barry Article. At times nearly 500 people were reading this homepage concurrently. 95% is the maximum usable bandwidth, with the remaining 5% being for routing overhead. ANS data courtesy of Jeff Schwab, Purdue Univ Computing Center. Normal utilization is around 20-25% (40% peaks)

Weekly usage on this homepage (wusage stats)

Total accesses on this homepage

Part two contains:

GHG invented a drop-in substitute for FREON-12, called R-406A

FREON is a registered trademark of the DuPont Co.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO, May 10, 1994 Annular Solar Eclipse

Electrical fires and more.


Core glowing at full power

Ken Thompson (Unix creator) and Fred Grampp fly MIG-29


Richmond, IN, USA Telephone Company fire, Feb 4, 1965


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