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RadioNet Talk Radio

Who needs Air? We've got the Net.

On Air from July 1994 to October 1996, RadioNet Talk Radio has chronicled the digital revolution since anyone became aware of it.

RadioNet Talk Radio guests have been leaders and practitioners of Internet technology, artistic sociology, multi media, giving computers a place in education and more. The shows were all recorded live.

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The RadioNet crew will take RadioNet Talk Radio into its next evolution, a wholly Net production. Contact the crew to give us your perspective on RadioNet Talk Radio. We really want to know! When you write to RadioNet, you are writing to Fred Barling, CyberConcierge Sheila Siden, Silicon Surfer John Bates, Scott Freeh, Phone Boy Dameon Welch and Queen of the Wires Samantha Lewis.

RadioNet Talk Radio Virtual Studios are on Alpha World coordinates 8184N 2E.

RadioNet Talk Radio is produced by a team of Internet professionals . Meet the RadioNet Talk Radio staff.

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