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Adonis, the Adaptive Optics system

for infrared astronomy, at the ESO La Silla 3.60m telescope.
The Adonis staff is glad to welcome you on this WWW server.
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Observatoire de Paris
DESPA - Bat. Lyot (6)
5, pl Jules Janssen
F-92195 Meudon Cedex

The Adonis Web entry points:

  • Nightly local mirrors of the great
    [9planets.icon] The Nine Planets, [webNebulae.icon] The Web Nebulae and [planetNeb.icon] Planetary Nebulae images exhibitions.

  • People working on this project and all the Personal pages hosted on this server (where you can find for instance SkyDiving page on Sacha's, Bike page on Olive's, or ever growing various new stuff on dl's )

  • An adaptive optics capabilities sample image.

  • [AstroImages1] The ADONIS Gallery: astronomical objects images.

  • [Pueo] The PUEO / AO bonette gallery.

  • The COME-ON+ protype, ADONIS precursor.

  • Come to visit us in Meudon, using the metro : in english, en français.

  • We use the Tcl language in a number of applications here.

  • Local access only pages

  • Other usefull informations:

  • HpLyot's Ftp server.
  • Other web servers within the Observatory: DESPA, DENIS, DAEC and the main Paris Observatory server.

  • Other AO links:
  • Astronomy related information
  • Un Guide de l'Etudiant Chercheur en français
  • Pointers to W3 / HTML documents :
  • Other sources of information :
  • A lot more soon !
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