FreeVue(TM) Telecommunications Network

Welcome to the FreeVue Telecommunications Network! Download our FREE software to Videoconference, make Internet Phone Calls, watch live Internet broadcasts, create your own television station, and much, much more!

Late Breaking News!
  • Version 1.04 is available! Private calling, individual hangup, and more...
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  • Check us out in the February edition of the Red Herring (see article on Baby Internet Bells), in the January 19 Web Review, in the March 18 C/Net Review, and our Internet TOP 20 AWARD:

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Welcome to FreeVue, the world's first true internet telecommunications network! Using this network and our FREE software, you can videconference with other FreeVue users and watch live audio and video broadcasts over the Internet.

With an inexpensive video camera like the QuickCam, you can videoconference with your friends and co-workers, or even start your own video broadcast channel. The possibilities are endless!

FreeVue works on normal personal computers, allowing a high quality audio and video connection - even with a 14.4K modem. Frame rates of up to 10 frames per second are possible on a 28.8K connection, and at ISDN... it's like watching TV!

Screen Grab of FreeVue in action

Unlike other videconferencing products, FreeVue is a true communications network, allowing you to connect to other users or services simply by typing their name, without complicated IP addresses or host names. FreeVue will tell you if the person or service you are trying to call is busy or unavailable, and will soon allow you to leave "Video Mail" for users who are not at their computers.

Using FreeVue is easier than using the phone... and as powerful as owning your own television station. It is a product designed to use the capabilities of the internet to bring a new era of telecommunications to everyone.

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