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Web Review, May 1996

Instant Ballpark 1.1

User's Guide

Instant Sports is proud to present version 1.1 of the award-winning Instant Ballpark Java applet, with several enhancements that provide you with unprecedented live coverage and personalized replay of Major League Baseball. If you are already an experienced user, you might want to proceed right to Instant Ballpark. Otherwise, please read on to make sure you understand the process, and that your browser provides good Java support.

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Instant Ballpark takes you out to the ballgame:

The picture below shows the view from Instant Ballpark when Frank Thomas hit the first homerun into cyberspace, in the top of the first inning of the opening night game between the White Sox and the Mariners:

Java Browsers

Java is a new computer language which enables Internet sites to provide dynamic and exciting real-time services. But it is still "bleeding edge" technology, which may not be supported by your browser. The table below summarizes the current state of several popular browsers for a variety of platforms and operating systems:

Browser Platform Comments
Netscape Navigator 2.0 Windows 95
Windows NT
Be sure to fix the daylight savings time problem.
Minimum configuration: >75MHz, 12MB RAM
Netscape Navigator 2.0 Windows 3.1
No Java support.
Netscape Navigator 3.0
(beta 4 or 5)
Windows 95
Windows NT
Good Java support
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Windows 95 Does not function reliably with Instant Ballpark
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Windows 3.1 No Java support yet.
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 Windows 95
Windows NT 4.0
Good Java support.

You can download the latest versions of these browsers:

After downloading a new browser, be sure your options are set correctly:

If your browser isn't listed, then it probably doesn't support Java, so you won't be able to use Instant Ballpark. But you can still enjoy Instant Sports' live pitch-by-pitch text updates.

How To ...

Download The Applet

This happens automatically, and may take from one to five minutes, depending on the computer you are using, and on the speed of your Internet connection. You will see signs of progress along the way, starting with a large gray rectangle, then some colored rectangles, then some wood paneling, players on the field, and finally a cheer from the crowd. After the initial download, game information is updated every thirty to sixty seconds.

The applet will be loaded in a separate browser window, so you can return to your original browser window to surf the web without having to reload the applet if you return later.

Configuration Requirements: The Instant Ballpark application was developed in Java to make it available across all browser platforms. At this point, however, not all browsers provide strong Java support. See the discussion of Java Browsers below. Furthermore, the new technology in the Instant Ballpark requires fairly robust computer hardware at your end: For PCs, we recommend a minimum processor speed of 75MHz and a minimum of 12MB of RAM. If the application is not loaded within five minutes, it could be your computer configuration doesn't match our initial platform.

Select A Game

When you first arrive in the ballpark, you will be at the beginning of the game you selected, or you may have no game displayed. To select a game, click on the game of interest from the scrolling scoreboard on the left. You can change games at any time by clicking on the scrolling scoreboard. You will know a game has been selected when you see team names on the line score and lineups listed. Once a game is selected, you can advance or rewind through the game using the VCR controls.

Switch to Live Coverage

In "live" mode, you are always watching the most recent plays as soon as they are available. To switch to "live" mode, click on the "->" VCR button. (If the game is already over, you go to the end of the game and stay in "replay" mode.)

Move Through A Game

You may use the VCR buttons to move forward and backward in the game, or to switch to "Live" mode. Animated plays in "Live" mode are usually available less than two minutes after the real plays in the real ballparks. You may switch back and forth between "Live" and "Replay" modes at any time.
|<# go to the beginning of the game
|<<< go to the previous half inning
|<< go to the previous play
|< go to the previous pitch
=> repeat the previous play
>| go to the next pitch
>>| go to the next play
>>>| go to the next half inning
#>| go to the end of the game
or "live" mode if the game isn't over
|| Stop the game! Kill the umpire!! Throw the bums out!!!
(Actually, it's the pause button)
> continuous pitch-by-pitch replay
>> continuous play-by-play replay
-> live pitch-by-pitch coverage

You can also move directly to a specific point in a game by clicking on the appropriate half-ininning of the line score at the top of the ballpark.

Change Games

You can view any other game for the current day by clicking on one of the matchups listed in the scrolling scoreboard. You can jump ahead or reverse the scrolling scores with the up and down arrows to more quickly locate the game you are interested in. To watch a game from another date, use the Instant Baseball schedule to locate the list of games for the date, then click on the Instant Ballpark link for the game you want to watch.

Change Dates

You can view games from any other date in the season by clicking on the date box near the upper left corner. You will see a menu of dates for this season. When you pick one of the dates you will go that date and the scrolling scoreboard will show the final scores for all of the games played on that date. Select one to replay that game.


If you are having trouble with Instant Ballpark:


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