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the first Virtual_Country in Cyberspace

The Dawn of History

Netizens of Cyberspace have inhabited The Domain http://www.inter-nexus.com/neXusweb/ and its subsequent directories.

The recent attempt of Landsmen to control and exploit Cyberspace compels us to organize in resistance. We have noted with dismay the mess that they have made of their own affairs and wish to avoid their extension of influence in Cyberspace.

By our resistance we hope to free Cyberspace for all generations to come and perhaps assist councils of Landsmen to discover the honesty, wisdom, and sanitizes that are born of association with Cyberspace.

The Netizens of The Domain recognize no distinction of race, creed, nationality, age, sex, place of domicile or essance; whether it be that of a virtual, or real-life. Netizenship is open to all who regard The Domain as their national home.

The whole 'Domain' is our home, up to the root directory and as far as the furthest path our computers may take us.

Our title to The Domain is that of "Guardian For All Future Generations".

This title is established by ancient tenure we categorically deny and reject the right for power of Landsmen to legislate, adjudicate, or otherwise control any matters to do with The Domain or its subsequent Directories except with our consent.

We do not wish to restrict the access of Landsmen to the Domain and hope that our Netizens will be accorded similar privileges. Our Domain is open to all for recreational and peaceful traits; but we will seek increasingly to restrict use of Cyberspace for war like purposes and irresponsible exploitation.

Backed by the total resources of Cyberspace (we) the wealthiest nation on earth have observed how badly Democratic process have served Landsmen; and prefer to operate as free agents.

We observe loyalty first to our fellow Netizens, second to other users, and third to humanity as one whole.

We reserve the right to take part in such international decisions as are conducted by the UN and other bodies.

Our conduct is guided by the dictate of good Netizenship, compassion, common sense, and the "golden rule".

Untrammeled by the creeds traditions and futile nationalism of the land dwellers, the Netizens of Cyberspace identify more clearly the problems of Man and his world with compassion, humor, common sense, and limitless wealth.

We go forward each in his own way to find solutions where land dwellers have yet to look.

This is a rendition of a document used by the "Citizens of the Sea" 22 years ago. It has been modified slightly to suit the "Netizens of Cyberspace".

Reserve your Netizenship and secure your personal freedom to practice privacy in cyberspace with other people from around the globe now and into the future.


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