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What's New with the CERFnet Web Pages

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October 1996
CERFnet's web site takes on a new look. The site is redesigned to make the pages easier to navigate and easier and faster to download!

October 1996
CERFnet will provide Internet and World Wide Web services to Insights '96 and the Tour of Technology, presented by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce on October 5, 1996 at the San Diego Convention Center. For details visit the Insights '96 web site.

August 1996
Several new pages have been added during the month of August to CERFnet's Online Information Service, InfoCERF:

  • Learn how to select a quality Internet Service Provider by reading CERFnet's "Manager's Roadmap to the Internet."

  • We have added a page describing CERFnet's Network Operation Center (NOC) which is staffed and operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure our customers the highest quality service.

  • Our CERF n' WEB Web Server Farm page now includes more information about the hardware, operations, and CERFnet's goals for performance and reliability.

  • To emphasize that CERFnet's Nationwide Backbone is really nationwide, we added a graphic that shows CERFnet's T3 Backbone overlaid on a map of the United States.

We also updated our Nationwide T3 Backbone Topology Map.

July 16, 1996
Trancell Systems, Inc., the pioneer of high-speed shared Internet access devices for the small office/home office (SOHO) arena, and CERFnet announce immediate availability of the first complete Internet access solution precisely tailored to the ease of use, performance, and low-cost requirements of the burgeoning SOHO marketplace. CERFnet will distribute Trancell's easy-to-use, low cost WebRamp product bundled with a range of services geared to small businesses' access requirements.

July 1, 1996
CERFnet opens its first overseas office in Germany! Beginning July 1, 1996, CERFnet Germany Inc. will start offering Internet Services to customers in the Frankfurt/Main area. Points of Presence in other Metropolitan areas are in preparation. See the CERFnet Germany Home Page for more information.

June 24, 1996
CERFnet Announces a Special Offer for 56 Kbps Frame Relay Service. By signing up for a new 56 Kbps subscription for a one year minimum term, you can save over $2000 for the first year of service! You'll need to hurry though, this offer is only good through August 31, 1996.

May 20, 1996
CERFnet is among the first ISPs to be recognized by Microsoft for supporting Microsoft's new Web Publishing software, FrontPage! A link on Microsoft's Web Site points web authors to CERFnet where they will be able to host their web page and make full use of the special FrontPage extensions.

May 2, 1996
CERFnet, in partnership with the San Diego Daily Transcript, will sponsor a seminar on "The Internet and the Law" to be held at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

April 29 - May 2, 1996
CERFnet will be at the Spring Internet World show
in San Jose, CA.

April 29, 1996
CERFnet announces a new service, SBA LAN, connecting small business LANs to the Internet using ISDN. The new service expands on the features available in CERFnet's popular Small Business Advantage service that was introduced last year.

April 29, 1996
CERFnet and Nippon Telephone & Telegraph International (NTTI) Announce Joint Web Support Program to offer customers a single source for Web server set-up, content translation and site management in the United States and Pacific Basin.

April 29, 1996
Sun Microsystems Names CERFnet Preferred Internet Service Provider. The Sun program identifies "best of breed" Internet providers who have exceptional offerings in Internet access, services and support for reseller channels and end users.

March 28, 1996
CERFnet is recognized by Netscape Communications Corporation with a link on Netscape's web site as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) supporting the new Navigator Gold standard. CERFnet welcomes Navigator Gold users with a special promotion.

March 22, 1996
CERFnet teams up with Quarterdeck Corporation to provide high-quality web site hosting services for buyers of Quarterdeck's upcoming WebAuthor 2.0 html authoring tool.

January 15, 1996
Articles by CERFnet Experts becomes a regular section in the CERFnet Web pages.

January 1, 1996
CERFnet announces new pricing for Dialup Connections.

October 17-18, 1995, Phoenix Civic Plaza 10 am - 5 pm.
Internet 95 Conference Series Sponsored by CERFnet
This conference will also showcase:
  • Windows 95
  • Wireless Communication
  • Apple PowerMac Solutions
  • Small Office/Home Office Connection
  • OS/2
  • Electronic Commerce/EDI
  • Networking
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting Technology
To register by mail write to: Internet 95 Conference Series
9782 SW Nimbus Avenue, Beaverton OR 97008 or fax a request for information at 1-800-349-0433.

September 19, 1995
InterNIC Registration Services announces new fees for domain name registration. Please read the FAQ and the new billing procedures.

August 3, 1995
The Collector's Guide (formerly known as The Wingspread Site) was picked by the Cool Site of the Day on July 31 and was Spider's Pick of the Day on July 28. Congratulations go to Events On Line !

July 17, 1995
Announcing CERFnet's newest Internet solution for business: the SBA program. For only $99, you can connect to the fastest backbone in Southern California for 99 hours a month. And, your business will have the same great advantages as the major corporations who demand CERFnet's quality service

May 5, 1995
Check out Arc, The Interactive Media Festival in CERFnet's Special Projects page.

May 3, 1995
Just Aboard: TravelSource The Internet's First Interactive Travel Guide

March 28, 1995
Press Release: CERFnet Unveils 800 ISDN Internet Service for Business Users.

March 27, 1995
Press Releases page added to the About CERFnet page.

March 22, 1995
Press Release: CERFnet Unveils High-Speed Web Advertising Support Program.

March 20, 1995
Network Security Archive added to CERFnet Web Pages.

March 8, 1995
CERFnet Publishing Partners list added to the CERF n' Web page.

February 27, 1995
Pushpendra Mohta's note on the Future of CERFnet External Connectivity added to the About CERFnet page.

February 22, 1995
CERF n' WEB service sponsors access to America's Cup sailing competition.

February 16, 1995
Frequently Asked Questions list added to Customer Service & Contact Us pages.

February 9, 1995
CERFnet Web pages redesigned by WebCrafters.

Winter 1994
CERFnet Web pages go online.

Last updated: 6-Nov-96.
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