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Map & Travel Publishers

Australian Surveying & Land Information Group (AUSLIG)

The Australian government mapping, map publishing and surveying organization

Big Ten's Gold Maps

Maps for treasure hunting, gold panning, prospecting and mining selected US states

Canadian Hydrographic Service

Information on Canadian marine navigation charts and related publications

CD-ROM Travel Planners

Publisher of specialized CD-ROM guides to resorts resorts (i.e. tennis, golf, fishing lodges) in North America

Clark & Miles Publishing

State-by-state destination guides for the midwest U.S., including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Tennessee

Cockatoo Press

Publisher of guidebooks to Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia in English and German

Damron Company

Publisher of Lesbian and gay travel guides covering North America

DeLorme Mapping

Publisher of CD-ROM map software and printed atlases for 30 U.S. States. DeLorme was the first company to produce a complete street map of the entire U.S. on one CD-ROM, "way back" in 1992

E. O. Map Ltd.

Estonia's largest private land survey and cartography company

Ferrari International

Publisher of gay and Lesbian travel guides. This site has information on their books plus an e-newsletter about gay and Lesbian travel

Fielding Worldwide

Publisher of guides for experienced travelers who wish to visit "popular, undiscovered and downright dangerous" places around the world. A well-organized on-line catalog, and some neat animated buttons

Fodors Travel Publications

A crisp and easy-to-use catalog from one of America's leading mainstream travel guide publishers; includes a searchable archive of restaurant and hotel reviews from the guides

Gault Millau Travel Guides

Guides to cities in the U.S. and Europe featuring the "Best Of" dining, food and shopping; searchable archive of restaurant reviews for five U.S. cities

Gita Shenasi

Iran's governmental map publishing, cartographic and geographic organization

Globe Pequot

The largest independent travel guide publisher and distributor in the U.S. They cover a wide variety of travel interests and offer several state-by-state series

Hammond Map

A leading publisher of world atlases

Hayit Publishing

Travel guides with a "how to" approach

Insiders Guides

This publisher of U. S. travel guides (primarily to the southeastern coast) is putting their entire content online. [This is an interesting development in the publishing world that has some retailers concerned, however publishers are reporting that this increases printed version sales]


A catalog of beautiful and fun maps and map products, including boldly colorful contemporary wall maps, antique reproduction maps, map wearables, office accessories, globes and activities

International Travel Maps

Publisher of maps to unique and exotic places around the world

Karen Brown's Guides

Guides to the finest romantic lodgings, as well as attractions, in Europe and California

Let's Go

Promotional site for this publisher of budget travel guides written entirely by students

Lone Mountain Designs

Road maps to microbreweries and brewpubs in the U.S.

Lonely Planet Publications

A leader in the field of guides for unconventional travelers

Macmillan Reference

The publisher of Frommers, American Express and Travel Bugs travel guides

Maine Event

A pocket guide to all events in the State of Maine, USA


Publisher of street atlases and maps covering Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin, Texas USA

Mayhill Press

Gold maps for selected US states for recreational prospectors


New publisher whose first product is a street atlas of Las Vegas/Clark County, Nevada

Moon Publications

Publisher of unique guidebooks to countries, places and states

National Geographic Society

Information on NGS maps, atlases and globes

National Ocean Service

Information on U.S. nautical and aeronautical charts and related publications

Ordnance Survey

Web site of the national mapping agency of Great Britain includes a catalog of paper and digital products, history of this venerable cartographic organisation, and a list of stockists

Philip's Maps & Atlases

Info on this UK map publisher since 1834, as well as their online Geographical Bulletin

Pierson Graphics

A major local map and atlas publisher for Denver and Colorado, USA

Raven Maps & Images

Publisher of colorful shaded terrain maps; a series of individual U.S. states and other titles

Rough Guides

Guides to a wide range of destinations, focusing on less-than-deluxe modes of travel. Search for USA travel information from the Rough Guides

Saco Valley Printing

Reproductions of 19th century county atlases and wall maps of New England

Safety Maps

Publisher of maps that show safety risks in metropolitan areas

Thomas Bros. Maps

Publisher of street level maps in printed and digital form for the western U.S.

Trails Illustrated

Publisher of topographic hiking, trail and national park maps

Traveler's Tales

Publisher of a new kind of travel anthology, marrying the best of the guidebook and contemporary travel literature

U.S. Geological Survey

Government agency publishing topographic maps covering the United States


Publishing arm of the UK's National Remote Sensing Centre


Order printed travel updates customized to your destination, interests and dates of travel

World Wide Travel

Online content from their tourist guides to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain

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Map & Travel-Related Periodicals

American Express SkyGuide

News and information for business travelers

American Way

Online content from the American Airlines in-flight magazine. We can just see some tech-head on a flight plugging his laptop into the air-phone and looking at this online instead of reaching into the seatback pocket for a paper copy!

Cond� Nast Traveler

Web site of our favorite travel magazine; lots of content derived from past issues

Country Inns

Content from and information about this magazine, whose title is self-explanatory

Essentially America

A USA and Canada travel and lifestyle magazine from the U.K.

Honeymoon Magazine

A travel magazine for prospective honeymooners, includes information on destination weddings

Jewish Traveler

Quarterly guide to Jewish travel with info on Kosher food, Israel and Jewish resources around the world

Mercator's World

A magazine that "explores the universe of maps from antiquarian treasures to today's digital technologies"


A magazine that presents "travel with a twist;" published on the road across the U.S. by two guys in an R.V.

Photo Traveler Publications

Publishers of travel guides and a newsletter for photographers

Travel & Leisure

Content and searchable travel information from a mainstream magazine

Travel Books Review

A newsletter with, you guessed it, reviews of travel books

Travel Holiday

One of the old-line travel magazines; very upscale

Travel Weekly

Web site of the leading travel trade magazine, includes travel trade news and many travel links

Vagabond Monthly

A magazine for road travel enthusiasts in the U.S.

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Map & Travel Book Retailers & Distributors

A Galaxy of Maps

Online catalog of this Deerfield Beach, Florida USA retailer

Adventurous Traveler Mapstore

Catalog of maps for adventure travel, trekking and biking

Armchair Sailor Books & Charts

Destin, Florida USA store with more than 7000 NOAA and British Admiralty charts, cruising guides, and other sailing travel resources

Book Passage

Online catalog of this Corte Madera, California USA store

California Map & Travel Center

A travel book and map store in Santa Monica, California USA

East View Publications

Maps and information resources from Russia, the C.I.S. and central Europe

Elstead Maps

Supplier of maps, guides and local books in Elstead, Surrey. England

Forsyth Travel Library

Distributes rail travel guides and maps of Britain and Europe for Thomas Cook, including the popular Thomas Cook European Timetable

Globe Corner Bookstore

Online catalog of these superb Boston, Massachusetts USA travel guide and map stores

Latin American Travel Consultants

Wholesale and retail distributor of South and Central American maps, travel books and guides -- direct from their countries of origin

Map Link

Largest searchable catalog of general reference and travel maps on the web, from this distributor in Santa Barbara, California USA

Map World

Online catalog of this Encinitas, California, USA retailer

Maps Unlimited

Map store with two locations in Denver, Colorado, USA

Maryland Nautical Sales

Purveyor of nautical charts for all the world

New World Maps

Antique and collectible maps

Nilsson & Lamm

The Netherlands' largest importer and exporter of maps, travel guides and books

Omni Resources

Online catalog of this importer and distributor of reference, travel and geological maps and atlases

Powell's Travel Store

Searchable catalog of this Portland, Oregon USA store


Collectible travel books

South Trek

Travel maps of the world, specializing in Latin America

The Travel Bug

Online catalog of this travel book store in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Travel Genie Maps

Specializing in detailed sectional maps of Britain - Denmark - Germany - Ireland - Norway - Poland and Sweden, especially useful for genealogy because they show small villages

Travel Information & Planning Co.

An online travel guide and map store

Traveler's Book Club

Just like the name says

TravelSearch Maps

This web travel info service offers maps from Rand McNally and other publishers via an online catalog and phone/mail order

Underwater Technologies

Fishing maps for the U.S., including 3-D maps and titles from Fishing Hot Spots�

World of Maps

Online catalog of this Ottawa, Ontario, Canada store, owned and operated by a professional cartographer

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Cartography, Data, Imagery, Mapping and Geographic Information Systems

Digital Wisdom

Digitized relief map images for cartographers, publishers and designers

Environmental Systems Research Institute

Creator of ARC/INFO and related cartography/GIS software tools

Etak Inc.

Publisher/provider of digital map data


Cartographic services; authoring and packaging of cartographic print and software products; mapping technology, geographic database and GIS solutions; creators of MapQuest, interactive mapping on the web; publishers of Interarts maps

Graphic Chart & Map Co., Inc.

Specializing in the design of custom digital maps and graphics. Each project is designed according to the specific needs of the client, producing one-of-a-kind artwork that is both eye-catching and purposeful

Graphic Maps

Computer generated maps for the retail, corporate and visitor industries

LSC 2+1

Creator of ACE (Advanced Cartographic Environment) software which produces high quality cartographic output from files generated by most GIS and CAD systems

Magellan Geographix

Digital maps for presentation, publication and broadcast: 2-D, 3-D, geopolitical, topographic, animated, raster or vector. Download directly from web site

Map Art

Publishers of MapArt - CD-ROM collections of political, city street, and terrain maps for graphic design use with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


Custom cartographers specializing in bird's-eye perspectives and cutaway views


Desktop GIS software

Thomas Bros. Maps

Cartographic products and services for the states of California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona USA

USGS Mapping Info

US Geological Survey Mapping Program information

W.E.R. The Information Connection

Purveyor of zip code and demographic data, maps and reports

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Map-Related Organizations & Businesses

Geographic Locations International

Gifts and collectibles based on geography

Heritage Map Museum

Resource for antiquarian maps


Soft pillowball "globes" with political, physical and universe motifs. A wonderful way to teach love of the Earth.

Independent Travel Technology Association

Information on activities of this trade group; member directory

International Map Trade Association

Worldwide directory of retail map and travel stores, links to members' web sites, articles on mapping technology and geography in the news, IMTA membership and conference information, Q&A; on map copyrights

Pacific Puzzles

Hardwood map puzzles

Road Map Collectors of America

Information on this special interest group which also offers an active listserv

Williams & Heintz Map Corporation

Map printing, folding and production specialists since 1921. Equipment includes the largest printing presses currently made and the largest map folder in the world

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Other Map-Related Sites


This internet yellow pages will create a street map for any listed business in the U.S. Also, you can sample their 3D map module, under development, which shows a three-dimensional view of the same area covered by the 2D map


An interactive mapper that lets you create customized street maps (locating businesses and points of interest) and travel routes in the U.S. Also contains maps of places around the world


A host site for map-related enterprises


Create 3D virtual reality maps online; move around real-life landscapes

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