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[Dragon gif] The release of Magic Carpet created a sensation within the computer games industry. The speed of the flight engine, the exquisite graphics, the no-holds-barred action and the simplicity of the mechanics all added up to create a program which outsold all other titles over the Christmas period in the UK. Reviews throughout the world were universally ecstatic; to date no publication anywhere in the world has given Magic Carpet a rating of less than 90%. Already Magic Carpet has been named as the Best Computer Games program of 1994 by specialist magazines in both Europe and the USA.

[Alien character gif] Now Bullfrog are aiming to achieve the impossible by improving on Magic Carpet - Magic Carpet 2 is due to be released in September 1995 and aims to blow away the opposition - and that includes its parent program.

Magic Carpet 2 will naturally retain the central theme of the original - namely, realistically duplicating the movement and fluidity of flying through the air. However, in Magic Carpet 2 the sensation is faster and smoother than ever, as the original flight engine has been updated and improved.

While some characteristics of the original landscapes will remain, there will also be underground levels and night levels and there are new landscape effects, new creatures and dramatically new gameplay challenges to discover. A fast trigger finger is still a must but the player will be faced with a wide range of tasks to complete in order to finish a level and move on to the next. To assist him in those tasks there will be a set of completely new spells which are both spectacular and deadly in effect. They need to be, as Magic Carpet 2 will also feature a host of new adversaries which are anything but pushovers.

[Mummy gif] Naturally, Bullfrog's ground breaking multi-player mode will be included as standard in Magic Carpet 2 adding yet another dimension to the gameplay.

Bullfrog has a commitment to produce visually strong, technically complex and highly playable games, Magic Carpet 2 intends to honour that commitment once more.

Magic Carpet 2 will initially be published by Bullfrog Productions on PC CD on the 29th September 1995. Other format and price details to be announced.

Don't believe that Magic Carpet 2 can beat Magic Carpet? Check out the improvements that have been made to Magic Carpet 2 and I'll think you'll see that it cetainly will!

Still Dont believe us? Dont believe its as good as we say?

Then you better DownLoad the Demo! (5.8MB).

Then you should read what Alan Wright has to say in our indepth profile on the man,
and the making of a ground breaking game.

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