SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- November 25, 1996 -- All the mystery, suspense, and horror that video game players loved to fear returns in Resident Evil 2ä. Taking off where Resident Evil ended, Resident Evil 2 will deliver even more spine-chilling graphics, a new compelling storyline, and endlessly demanding action. Other enhancements to Capcom's blockbuster smash hit include, an entirely new cast, faster gameplay, and more enemies leading to intense, nail-biting action scenes. With the goal of capitalizing on a genre-establishing success, Capcom's developers have once again risen to the occasion. Resident Evil 2 plans to earn its own reputation as a PlayStation success. Resident Evil 2 is scheduled to release in May, 1997, exclusively for the Sony PlayStation.

After Resident Evil, the highly-skilled team of S.T.A.R.S. has left the area having made the discovery of clandestine bio-genetic experiments being conducted on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Now referred to as the "Umbrella Incident," citizens of this once peaceful town are slowly recovering from the havoc wreaked by the experiments and the violence it caused. Around this same time a high occurrence of a seemingly minor skin rash has begun to spread. With Resident Evil 2 there's a new problem in Raccoon City where death is the preferable option.

Two new leading players are introduced in Resident Evil 2: Leon Scott Kennedy, a rookie cop whose first assignment is in Raccoon City and Elza Walker, a college student earning her tuition as a daredevil motorcycle racer who's home for her vacation. When the first discovery is made of the new and inhuman terror, police headquarters seems like the best place for protection. But then again, maybe not.

This sequel has some pretty big footsteps to follow. Resident Evil was the number one best-selling game on PlayStation for over 20 weeks, earning worldwide sales in excess of 1.5 million units and launching a whole new "Resident Evil-like" gaming genre. Anticipation is high for the sequel with both retailers and customers. "We're sure our audience will be pleased," says Simone Seydoux, product marketing manager of Capcom Entertainment. "Shinji Mikami, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2's designer, was very anxious to get started on the sequel. During the development of the original, he had many ideas for

gameplay and scenarios that he was unable to implement due to timing and the newness of the development tools. Now that he and the team have expanded their ideas and ability to use more of the PlayStation capabilities, we know Evil 2 will more than live up to everyone's expectations."

Care has been taken by Capcom to address any issues that came up after the release of Resident Evil including Americanizing the script. "I don't know. I think we're all going to miss the 'master of unlocking'," continued Seydoux, recalling one of the more notorious lines from Resident Evil. "We at Capcom have a deep affection for Resident Evil which continues to sell - now, to a new and larger PlayStation audience. But we're also waiting with the legion of fans who've played the first game to play and be frightened by the new Resident Evil 2."

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