The Grouper 100MPS is Digital Ocean's proven wireless LAN Station for the Newton MessagePad. 100MPS provides connection to computers on an Ethernet network via the Digital Ocean Starfish Access Point. Each Starfish supports 31 Groupers, and additional Groupers and greater coverage areas are supported using Starfish equipped with the microCellular roaming feature.


The Grouper 100MPS+ supports external devices for data collection and printing, including barcode scanners, magnetic card or badge readers, printers and other serial devices with a mini-DIN-8 connector. Applications ranging from monitoring the growth of a plant, to monitoring patient conditions in a hospital, to following material through a warehouse, to enrolling students at a university can be performed wirelessly.


The Grouper 105MPS includes basic software for inventory management, a wand barcode scanner and a Grouper 100MPS+. An optional laser scanner is also available. This package is ideal for the manufacturing industry, and the software is easily customizable to support a wide variety of other applications.

Optional protective casas are available.


Operating Environment

Temperature 40° to 104° F
Humidity 20-80%, non-condensing


Frequency Band 902 to 928 MHz DSSS
Data Rate 2 Mbps Raw Throughput *
Bit Error Rate 10-8
Transmit Power 250 mW
Antenna Dual diversity
FCC Certification Class B (no user license required)
Range Up to 800 feet (depending on environment)

* Throughput is protocol, network traffic and bridging dependent.

Physical Characteristics

Footprint 4.1" (w) x 1.2" (d)
Height 7.5 "
Weight 18 oz. (battery included)


Grouper 100MPS and 100MPS+ operate from a rechargeable NiCad battery pack that achieves 5 hours (continuous usage) to several days (intermittent usage).

AC adapter powers Grouper and charges battery pack.


Grouper 100MPS and 100MPS+ plug into a standard mini-DIN-8 connector of any Apple Newton MessagePad, Apple Macintosh, printer, or other LocalTalk device that communicates using AppleTalk Phase II protocol.

With Starfish Access Point, Newton and Grouper can communicate with Ethernet infrastructure.


Grouper MPS' spread spectrum technology and dual diversity antenna provide a robust channel which is extremely resistant to electromagnetic and multipath interference.


A user designated "School Name" is used to derive a network ID which serves as a necessary password for Grouper 100MPS communication.

Grouper 100MPS may be configured to communicate only with other registered units identified by their factory-assigned unique identifier.


Administration utility monitors network usage, security, performance, and reliability. Internal diagnostics ensure proper operation.

A control panel is used to configure the Grouper.


Grouper 100MPS is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.