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Specular BackBurner 3.5

The Ultimate Rendering Utility for Infini-D

Mac OS®
Windows® version coming soon!
BackBurner is the ultimate rendering solution for users who have access to a network of Macs. This ingenious product dramatically reduces the rendering times of complex scenes or animations by parceling out the work to several machines. Queue up multiple files and let BackBurner render them unattended; this feature maximizes your CPU resources by rendering at night and letting you work on your Macs during the day. BackBurner is crash proof and interruptible, letting you resume rendering where you left off. Machines can work as dedicated slaves, or automatically render only when not being used for other applications. BackBurner is both 68K and Power Macintosh native and can render across a mixed network. If you are in a production situation where time is of the essence (who isn't?), then BackBurner offers an easy, cost-effective answer to one of the most basic problems of computer graphics work.

  • Features

    • 100% compatibility with all Infini-D rendering options
    • Crash-proof & Interruptible Rendering
    • Batch Rendering
    • Renders over mixed network of 68K and Power Macs
    • Unlimited Engines
    • Background Running
    • Screen Saver Module for use with After Dark

  • Requirements

    • Macintosh with FPU or Power Macintosh
    • Mac OS, System 7.0 or later
    • 4 MB RAM
    • AppleTalk-compatible network
    • Hard drive