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Stars! - An Insterstellar Startegy Masterpiece.
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welcome to stars!
The ultimate multi-player, space strategy conquest game for Microsoft Windows.

Play solo or against as many as fifteen opponents on a single machine, across a LAN, or submit turns via the internet, e-mail or BBS's. Every turn tests your strategy as you build and deploy starships, colonize and develop planets, and forge new technology to expand and defend your empire.

You determine the winning conditions, but the winning strategy rules the universe.

With unmatched depth of play and strategic flexibility; complex, challenging computer players that don't cheat to win; a dynamic, flexible interface under your control; built-in automation allowing more time for strategy; hundreds of beautiful full-colour graphics and hyper-real stereo sound effects. Will you ever return to earth?

This web site contains a wealth of detailed information on the game, from screenshots and reviews to direct ordering information and a massive, fully playable demo. Because of its comprehensive modem, network and email facilities, we know the internet community will appreciate Stars! like no-one else.

Stars! will be available from December 1996 in the UK and January 1997 in the USA with a German language version to follow in February 1997. It is a PC CDROM product and will require the following hardware: 386 33MHZ processor (486 recommended); 4MB RAM (8MB recommended); 256 Colour SVGA graphics card.

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