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Nov. 19, 1996

Award Software International® Inc. Introduces
Remote, Preboot Diagnostic and Repair Software

Mountain View, Calif. -- Award Software International® Inc. (NASDAQ:AWRD) announced today the availability of RPBAccess™ remote, preboot diagnostic and repair software. A member of the Award SMSAccess™ system management software suite, RPBAccess provides remote diagnosis and repair of a personal computer whose operating system fails to load. Award plans to demonstrate RPBAccess at the Las Vegas Hilton during COMDEX/Fall, Nov. 18-22.

RPBAccess consists of an enhancement of the Award BIOS, resident on a client PC motherboard, plus a diagnostic application that will run remotely over an enterprise LAN, a modem, or the Internet. Dial-in/callback security options will also be available.

"Having all the error detection and recovery programs in the world stored on your hard disk doesn't do any good, " stated Award Vice President of Engineering and Product Marketing Maurice Bizzarri, "if the operating system can't load. The preboot diagnostic capabilities offered by RPBAccess are the obvious solution. The ability of service personnel to diagnose and often fix problems on a remote system, without an on-site service call, means tremendous cost savings for enterprise MIS departments, technical support organizations, and PC system manufacturers."

A service technician need not be physically present at the PC for diagnosis. Remote support staff can obtain system configuration information, including details and interpretation of POST error codes, thus avoiding the confusion often encountered when nontechnical users try to relay system error information in a phone conversation.

Award designs, develops and markets system management software for the global computing market. System management software is one of the fundamental layers in personal computer ("PC") architecture and provides an essential interface between a PC's operating system software and hardware. The Company's principal system management software products include a suite of Basic Input/Output System software ("BIOS").

Award's customers include designers and manufacturers of motherboards, PC systems and other microprocessor-based (or "embedded") devices. The Company believes that its products and engineering services enable customers to rapidly develop new motherboard designs for state-of-the-art computer systems.

The Company markets and licenses its products and services worldwide and has established itself as a leading provider of desktop system management software in Asia, which accounts for approximately 40% of worldwide desktop motherboard production.

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