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Area 51

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Area 51 Logo (11k) Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, is a secret military facility about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The number refers to a 6-by-10-mile block of land, at the center of which is a large air base the government will not discuss. The site was selected in the mid-1950s for testing of the U-2 spyplane, due to its remoteness, proximity to existing facilities and presence of a dry lake bed for landings. Groom Lake is America's traditional testing ground for "black budget" aircraft before they are publicly acknowledged. The facility and surrounding areas are also associated -- with varying levels of credibility -- with UFO and conspiracy stories. In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed on a Las Vegas television station that he had worked with alien spacecraft at Papoose Lake, south of Area 51. Since then, "Area 51" has become a popular symbol for the alleged U.S. Government UFO cover-up. [GC 8/96]

The page below is an entry point into the largest public database of information on the base and surrounding areas, assembled by the Area 51 Research Center. Much about Area 51 remains a mystery, but here's what we do know.


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Upcoming Events:
  • Jan. 22: Glenn Campbell speaks a MUFON in Phoenix, AZ. (7:30 pm at the National Guard Armory, McDowell Rd & Bushmaster. Public invited. Nominal entrance fee.)
  • Jan. 27: George Knapp speaks at MUFON in Las Vegas. Spring Valley Library, 7pm.
  • April 25 (Friday): Interceptors' tour of Nevada Test Site. Sorry, tour is now full.
  • April 25-26: Air Force 50th Anniversary Air Show* at Nellis Air Force Base

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New York Times Magazine, 6/24/94
New York Times, 3/9/96
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ABC News, 4/19/94
Der Spiegel, 4/95
Skeptical Inquirer, 9/96
Weekly World News, 5/27/94
MUFON UFO Journal, 2/94

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Groom Lake Security Manual
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Clinton's Order Exempting Base From Environmental Laws
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Reader Comments

You have asked, and I will tell what I know. In 1992, project "Tacit Blue" was created, following the publicity of the "XT" (F-117A). This was primarily used for a cover up to take heat away from the REAL Skunkwork's black jet. The 5th in the black-jet series is "Aroura", soon to be "RF-19", simaler to the SR71. Aroura is super-sonic, and has orbit cap- abilities, meaning it can reach out of Earths atmosphere... Now about Los Alamos, I have heard some stories concerning nitrogen frozen bodies of "Little Greys". (No thumb print this time).

"Guardian" ( ) 1/30/97 (#16)

re: "Area-51" trip 7/19-21/96. Had a great time, wouldn't have taken the trip without the Area-51 Visitor's Guide. it was worth every penny. Climbed Tickaboo, great scenery, must camp next time. One odd occurance on the 21st between 0630 and 0700 - camped at LN31.7 (A-51 VG) and was awaened by "radio chatter" served in U.S.M.C. & know what this sounds like searched area around camp for 50+- yds. and found nothing. Played with camo-dudes twice on 2oth, got within 10yds., on foot, on Groom Lk. Rd. Unsure as to what this "radio chatter" was, 1 person with me; any ideas?

Jim Hiers ( ) 1/26/97 (#15)

What government agency are you working for. It seems to me that the soul purpose of your web site is to discredit the existence of highly advanced alien technology beening used or onced used at the site. I researched the sight years before it became publicly known. I have proof of highly advanced technology being used these....

Full Message

RDemelo ( ) 1/25/97 (#14)

Great site by the way. Could someone give me some inputs as of tomorrow events? According to some credible skywatchers, they've been picking up multiple radio signals from outerspace for the past week, and according to them tomorrow the 23 jan 1997, we should be expecting something special from them. Is it baloney or fact? According to the same source, there should be a light show as well as" beaucoup movment" The source comes from Deb's clearing house, the skywatch latest news article. Thanks!

Steve Mc Lean ( ) 1/22/97 (#13)

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