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scouting reports on the USA Today/CNN Men's Top 5
  1. Kansas
  2. Wake Forest
  3. Kentucky
  4. Utah
  5. Minnesota
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The Coach's Edge
scouting reports on the USA Today/CNN Women's Top 5
  1. Connecticut
  2. Stanford
  3. Old Dominion
  4. Louisiana Tech
  5. Alabama

The Runnin' Utes are burning up the west with Van Horn.


Understand the

Triangle Post Offense.

Utah Utes

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The National Association of Basketball Coaches presents a series of articles from Courtside magazine giving all coaches insight into the top programs in the country. The Coach's Edge kicks off this series with several plays for programs at all levels.

Article #2 discusses Duke's offensive sets.

The 3rd article examines Kentucky's transition options.

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