Ever play Doom? If not, then we repectfully suggest that you've been living in a cave these past few years. Kick and the folks at ID Software have teamed up to produce Kick Attack -- an entirely new level for Doom and Doom II. . .

Check out the story. . .

Sound hot? It is. . .Remember, to play the level you must already have the registered version of Ultimate Doom or Doom II. To get started, just click on the icon below that's right for your version:


Kick Attack for Ultimate Doom

Kick Attack for Doom II


When it's finished downloading, copy it to the same directory as doom.exe, then double click the kick.exe file. It will self-extract into three files; kick.bat, a readme file called kickdoom.txt, and the level itself.. To get started just double-click kick.bat and look out!

Once you've played it, we want to hear from you -- let us know what you think!

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