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September 1996

New version of Advox MimeLink

Use MimeLink to connect your PC´s mail system to Internet mail, totally integrated with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server, cc:Mail and Microsoft Mail. MimeLink 2.0 was introduced in September 1996, with a number of new features, all in one package.


  • Both SMTP and UUCP, for full flexibility.
  • Leased line or Dial-Up connection.
  • 32-bit application, multithread - over 32 concurrent tasks.
  • Operating systems: Windows NT, Windows -95 (or MS-DOS in the cc:Router and MS External installations)
  • Dedicated machine OR installed together with
    1. the cc:Mail Router (Import/Export v. 3.33 or later)
    2. the Microsoft External (MS Mail v. 3 or later)
    3. Lotus Notes 3 and 4 Server
    4. Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Multiple domains and subdomains
  • Multiple DNS´ to increase reliability for outgoing mail.
  • Address lists - personal and global for easy access.
  • Import addresses from the e-mail system and they convert automatically into Internet format. For example:

Easy to use

  • Users e-mail over Internet as they are used to do internally, no extra education is needed.
  • Automatic charset detection on incoming messages and attachments.
  • Users can have unlimited aliases.
  • Easy handling for the administrator of incoming mail with no known receiver.


  • Personalized signature files for outgoing mail
  • Statistics on generated traffic
  • Virus scan connection on incoming mail.
  • Receipts from other MimeLinks and UNIX systems that supports Receipts.
  • Priorities
  • E-mail with correct domain but wrong name/alias is retained instead of bouncing back to the sender.
  • Mailback - send information on demand (e-mail to "" could return a price list, as a document or file will be sent automatically)
  • Autoreply on induvidual basis - i.e. "Out-of-Office".


July 1996

Advox and Tele Danmark Mobil in a software development project

In a joint venture, Tele Danmark Mobil and Advox developes new Windows based software for sending text to GSM cellular mobile phones: Mobil Tekst v. 2.

This single-user application will allow the sending of 600 characters, a service introduced by Tele Danmark Mobil as one of the first networks in the world. This service is called Long SMS (Short Message Service), which might seem a bit contradictory, but the reason is fairly straight forward. The SMS normally sends 160 characters, but with the new technique, four such messages are linked together, to form a Long SMS.

Amongst many other features Mobil Tekst v. 2 allows mailing lists and "choice of country" for the sender, thereby avoiding the difficulties in changing the landcode for lap-tops and PCs using the software outside of Denmark.

Mobil Tekst 2 will be released in Tele stores around Denmark to the general public in September/October, 1996, at cost pricing, and shortly thereafter available on the Internet for downloading.


April 1996

C2C Systems launches Remind Me!, a new e-mail add-on for Microsoft Exchange Server and MS Mail.

Remind me! is a software package which enables an e-mail user to redeliver incoming or outgoing mail message back to themselves or to others within a given period of minutes, hours, days or weeks. The Client component of Remind Me! is accessed from within Mail, presenting a pull down menu to set the redelivery criteria and to add a free-text note which can be up to 256 characters long. The user sends the message and Remind Me! holds it in a special secure directory ready for redelivery, together with the note, at the appropriate time. Using Remind Me! enables users to remind themselves and others to carry out any actions specified in the mail message or deal with other related tasks.

The Server component of Remind Me! works with single or multiple post offices and will store up to 1,000 active reminders at any given time. The Server component compresses and encrypts the messages and manages their storage until the scheduled redelivery time. If unable to deliver a message, the Server will post a message to the administrator.

An administrator component is included in the package, and is accessed through a pull-down menu in the standard MS Mail Client. Administrators can list details of all active reminders, produce a summary of the server status, change the polling time interval for service requests, and several other useful administrative facilities.

Remind Me! features:

- Multiple reminders per user

- Reminders sent to other mail users

- Multiple Servers/post offices

- Held mail is secure

- Fully featured administration component


January 1996

New version of Advox MimeLink

MimeLink 1.5 is introduced in January 1996. New functions are added and the installation/configuration applications are superior to the predeccessor's. Automatic searching of PO addresses, names and other specifics reduces the IS manager's work to a minimum.

There are goodies for the users too, like automatic footers that can be added to each outgoing e-mail over Internet, with address information or company specifics, etc.

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