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Cat Fight

The world's first all-girl fighting game is finally here!

Join eleven of the fiercest female warriors from across the Ethers as they battle it out for the ultimate power of the Universe!

Watch the head-to-head fighting assault blaze its way to your screen -- with the hottest women in games engaging in the most violent fighting techniques imaginable!

Some of the things you must endure are disembowelment, decapitation, and worse! It's the ultimate life versus death struggle, where you must pulverize your opponent in eight awesome arenas to survive! Here is your chance to claim your place next to the most awesome women in the galaxy!

Let the Games Begin!

System Requirements:
IBM PC & Compatibles
Minimum Processor486/33 MHz
Minimum RAM8 megs
Minimum Hard Drive Space10 MB
Minimum VideoVesa local bus
SVGA required
  • 2X Speed CD-ROM Drive
  • Soundblaster compatible
  • Two player mode requires
    4-Button gamepad

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