Pierre Sokolsky

Photograph of Pierre Sokolsky


Cosmic Rays

B.A., 1967, University of Chicago

Ph.D. 1973, University of Illinois, Urbana

Professor Sokolsky is interested in Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics and Astrophysics. He works with the Fly's Eye Cosmic Ray Observatory located at Dugway Proving Grounds to study the nature of the highest energy cosmic rays. Specific questions being studied by him and the Fly's Eye group include the cosmic ray spectrum, composition and anisotropy, and the search for point sources of neutral cosmic rays. Of related interest is the physics of hadronic interactions at energies above those which are reached by accelerators. The Fly's Eye detector is unique in its use of atmospheric fluorescence to image the development of cosmic ray cascades in the atmosphere. Professor Sokolsky is a spokesman for the collaboration building the next generation observatory, called the High Resolution Fly's Eye (HiRes in short). This new detector is being built by the University of Utah, the University of Adelaide, Australia, Columbia University and the University of Illinois.

Professor Sokolsky is also involved in the study of atmospheric light scattering, both in the field, using LIDAR and other detectors; and in the laboratory. He collaborates with Professor Kuo Nan Liou of the University of Utah Meteorology department on the study of light scattering by ice crystals using a unique multichannel nephelometer.

Selected Publications:

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